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Thread: Proposed weapon balancing by Valve

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    Default Proposed weapon balancing by Valve

    Let's use this thread to theory craft. Thoughts? What changes would you make? What looks awful? What looks great?

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    A reminder these changes are not in the game yet! And this list is NOT exhaustive! There will be more weapon changes and rebalances on the next update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicobo329 View Post
    A reminder these changes are not in the game yet! And this list is NOT exhaustive! There will be more weapon changes and rebalances on the next update.
    thanks mom

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    amby is the only fun aspect of spy and anybody that enjoys any other part of spy needs to be castrated

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    heavy buff

    they still need to look at stupid shit like machina and mad milk

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    My opinions

    Ambassador - They definitely went too hard with this. Perhaps a damage fall off at range? Instead of 102s you do ~80 damage on headshots for medium range and 65 on long range?

    Dead Ringer - Good, thank god

    YER - Interesting change on this, might work out

    Sandman - Still think it wouldn't be worth it in HL because any stun mechanic is a bad stun mechanic

    Bonk - Probably gonna be useless at this point

    Pocket Pistol - Milk is still better

    Crit a cola - Still hate this weapon

    Atomizer - will probably be worthless now

    Vita Saw - Interesting re-balance but I don't like the concept still. Perhaps 10% per hit or diminishing returns (1st is 15%, 2nd is 10%, 3+ is 5%) with a cap on how much you can carry over. Medics should never spawn with full uber or close to it.

    Crossbow - Still the only choice for a medic

    DDS - thank god they removed the SvS buff, but why is it so important that snipers fight pyros? How often does that happen in pubs that Valve needs to balance it?

    Razorback - Maybe I'll catch shit for this since I'm a sniper main, but the no buff thing is too harsh. Maybe 150 health (a HS still kills you, but you're less squishy) and no buffs. doesn't regenerate after breaking. side note: when the shield is broken, can you get buffed?

    Might add more as I look/think further

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    i dont think sandman is a problem anymore, you can still kill things while stunned youre just slower

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    It depends on what they consider "long range." Unless I'm misunderstanding, only long range sandman stuns will allow people to still fire while slowed.

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    idk it might be that way but i was just under the assumption long range meant as long as theyre far enough way to get stunned since if youre too close the ball only does damage and no stun or anything

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    the razorback thing really looks like a "would you rather die to a spy or sniper today?" problem lol

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    amby/dr - this brings me more joy than you could possibly imagine. i think the DR change was somewhat necessary, amby change wasn't but the sheer fact that DR/amby spam is now shit tier and spies actually have to play the game and coordinate with their team is a good thing

    yer - cool pub buff, won't do anything in comp

    sandman- could be unbanned, depends on how it's implemented

    crit a cola - also a step in the right direction, if scouts get reliably ohko'd by directs than this could be unbannable, maybe?

    ppbp - still pretty bad

    atomizer - god bless

    cleaver - lol

    base jumper - also god bless

    mantreads - 2:54 PM - unban the razorback: no shit
    2:54 PM - unban the razorback: dude
    2:54 PM - unban the razorback: if ur bomb is going terribly
    2:54 PM - unban the razorback: you can just turn around now
    2:54 PM - unban the razorback: LOL

    DDS - hard counters the scorch shot? could be useful for pushing out of steel b against scorch shot?

    razorback : HMMMMMMM

    vita-saw: gonna need to think on this one

    heavy rampup changes: make no mistake, this is a heavy PogChamp

    eviction notice: easy building lol

    fists of steel: is kill

    RR: don't think it's really necessary but i think this puts any talk of banning rr/wrangler to bed

    Overall, pretty pleased with this. Glad valve's listening and the spy nerfs have me more excited to play lobbies than ever before.

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    The Razorback change is 100% necessary, the fact that they even allow it to regenerate after 30 seconds is considerate, be thankful VoxDei. If the shield is broken you *STILL* have the shield equipped as your secondary weapon in your inventory, you will not be buffed, regardless if you can be backstabbed or not. This means if a Spy destroys your shield, you still ain't getting overhealed for the 30 seconds it's gone. Your silver lining is that it's now much more difficult for a Spy with Dead Ringer to just run in and whiff a stab, run out and retry 3 seconds later.

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    you can literally do an instant 180 degree turn fake commit bomb using the mantreads

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    effective engineering in competitive revolves around how dumb the enemy team is to walk into your sentry and then proceeding to not immediately focus it. this rr idea is pointless and valve really needs to stop shoving engie behind the rest of the pack. This doesn't add any skill to the class (metal management is a bit of a stretch honestly), just makes it even more tedious to play.

    Really liking that razorback idea though. Proposed heavy and soldier changes are nice too. As for shpee maybe they're gutting him too hard but I don't really play spy at all so I wouldn't know shit.

    Edit I have more stuff to say: that xbow change is awesome and will put more emphasis on actually doing well in fights instead of praying for a Hail Mary bolt that connects from halfway across the map. Rip ultiduo medic carries tho.

    Mantreads look to make fighting pyros/bombing easier/more forgiving but what y'all are still missing is that it's no gunboats.

    I kinda like the pbpp changes but it is still outclassed by the umad milk
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