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    Default Spy LFT

    Name: E_leet

    Steam link:

    Looking for a team that's dedicated to improvement. I'm available for almost any scrim time (looking for a scrim-heavy team). Very professional demeanor within the team.

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    Top tier silver spy makes plays, plays smart understands the game would pick up

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    Very nice guy, amazing Spy. I swear this guy is an ambassador god. Pick him up

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    Played half a season with him; very professional and calm demeanor. Excellent mechanical skills, always striving to improve himself. Good comms, too.

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    very good spy; is committed to be better, very nice and not tilty. pick him up ty frens

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    A rather talented spy! He is intelligent and can fit any team's playstyle. He is dedicated to improving, has great comms, and does not get fazed. Pick him up!

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    He has good comms and good teamwork. Smart and works hard to improve. Definitely a good pick up.

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    E Leet is a consistent playmaker for the teams he's played on the past season. He has an immense dedication to improving and puts in the effort to learning on his own time. Absolutely worth trying out and picking up, even worth trying out in platinum.

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    Bumping to find a team that plays more.


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