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    Default Spy LFT

    Name: E_leet

    Steam link:

    Looking for a team that's dedicated to improvement. I'm available for almost any scrim time (looking for a scrim-heavy team). Very professional demeanor within the team.

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    Top tier silver spy makes plays, plays smart understands the game would pick up

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    Very nice guy, amazing Spy. I swear this guy is an ambassador god. Pick him up

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    Played half a season with him; very professional and calm demeanor. Excellent mechanical skills, always striving to improve himself. Good comms, too.

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    very good spy; is committed to be better, very nice and not tilty. pick him up ty frens

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    A rather talented spy! He is intelligent and can fit any team's playstyle. He is dedicated to improving, has great comms, and does not get fazed. Pick him up!

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    He has good comms and good teamwork. Smart and works hard to improve. Definitely a good pick up.


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