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Thread: Cheater, apparently on a silver team

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    Default Cheater, apparently on a silver team

    Not quite sure where to post this, but I gotta call out this player for cheating, at least in mge as multiple people have called him out (notable people. like dolphin rider, rami/bullet, yight) for cheating in mge. I'm not sure whether him cheating outside of matches matters but just in case anyone gets suspicious.
    banned because he had the same IP as another VAC banned account, named Captain strong, which he wasn't trying to hide or make it a one time thing as he also had that name on his current account(see blcoked names at the bottom)

    also cheats on dm servers. You can see in the video where he beats b4nny dolphin rider called him out:
    (joshuawn is dolphin rider's youtube).

    As for the likes of rami/bullet, yight, or other high elo players in mge I'd have to add them to show but I really doubt that counts as proof to you guys, but he does have videos of him beating those players if its anything fishy to check out. I don't have a demo, because he only cheats in mge and I don't really care too much but I found out he was apparently playing 6s silver so I didn't really want to stand by with him possible cheating in matches.

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    Yea this guys a hacker just ban him don't give him attention he's got like severe autism and gets his rocks off by people getting mad at him

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    Sounds familiar

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    i just really wanna pipe trapster rgiht now

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