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Thread: LFT High Silver Engie

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    Cool LFT High Silver Engie


    I'm looking for a team that is willing to improve and go far in silver next season. I'm available on most days and my DM is excellent.

    s19 Iron // The Kee // 3-5
    s20 Steel // Skaterboys // 5-4
    s21 Silver // 9 Gentlemen // Third Place

    add me:
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    THIS MAN IS THE BEST ENGI IN SILVER YOU WOULD BE A FOOL TO PASS ON THIS PICKUP. I highly recommend cas. Level headed gamer with great dm and brain

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    6:07 AM - Vegan: do NOT shit post on my threads. I didn't kneel to you and give the spot right away. Go the fuck back to silver where you belong and don't talk shit because you have nothing to say


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