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Thread: Region Wars General Thread

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    Im not playing at all, if millstone or Barnblitz are in the rotation

    Like these are the good maps for Highlander and dont need to play other crap maps for the sake of it
    Upward, Swiftwater, Steel, Vaiduct, Lakeside, Ramjam, Ashville, Borneo, Gullywash thats 9 FREAKING GOOD MAPS ENOUGH FOR AN ENTIRE UGC SEASON

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    it's a single day lol, be glad they're using this to test instead of a full season of ugc. anyway, there's like 20 other threads to cry in about potential maps and I don't think anyone cares if you play or not.
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    with a slight change to 2nd and a revamped last, millstone would be a great map, just saying. And the slight change to 2nd is so easy, it's just pushing the cap point further point to be infront of the hut instead of infront of the forward spawn. Also, Ramjam is not a good map, reduce it's size by half and then we can start talking.

    Quote Originally Posted by bunnybunny View Post
    I don't think anyone cares if you play ot not.
    What the roast

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    I didnt post that as an ego thing, it would 100% suck the fun for me and im not going to cancel other things I can do, just to "playtest" unfixable maps, its just beating a dead horse thats been buried

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    calling millstone an unfixable map hahahaha

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    Its fixable if you started from Scratch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arzt. Hispanian View Post
    Its fixable if you started from Scratch
    just like your pyro mechanics
    fuck the hawks

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    Thank you someone finally gets it

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    ablooabloo how come the region wars isnt using standard maps only ablooabloo why cant every season just be viaduct upward steel with nothing to spice it up

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    Stop the tournament boys we can't continue without Arzt Hispanian

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    crab, you're all the spice ugc needs 😉

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    *me, staring at a map list for a fun cup* I mean I'm not playing in thing but this is really grinding my gears just knowing that other people will be playing on these maps

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    Not really mad at all, infact just play without me nothing is going to change im just going to do other things instead :O

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackawa View Post
    just like your pyro mechanics
    what the roast god!!!!!!!!!!!

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