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Thread: Region Wars General Thread

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    Default Region Wars General Thread

    Let's get this thing on the road, shall we? So for those who remember, I'll be trying to run this just about the same as last time we had Region Wars. So this'll be a general thread, but we also have a few very important things to make a decision on.

    - Captains & Regions (CURRENT REGION DEMARCATIONS:
    I'm aware that there's a fair bit of confusion and concern regarding who will lead what regions, or even what regions there are. My biggest concern is having a number of teams conductive to a tournament setting. I'll be shooting for eight, the number we had last time, but if there isn't enough interest then 4 or 6 will do. Those who are interested in captaining, please add me on Steam and indicate in this thread. Regions will be loose for now, to ensure that all teams can pool 9 from their region. If this means giving 'Socal' Nevada or 'New England' New York and Pennsylvania, so be it. There was at least three regions last time that needed to elbow into other areas in order to field nine.

    - Time and Date
    We gotta play the video game at some point. Last time, this was a specific day. We can do that again, or we can spread it out over a few days. Ideally we'd do it all on one day, to simplify organization. Having it all on one day means that it's a lot easier to run, and a lot easier to cast. If anyone wants to cast, add me on Steam and indicate in this thread.

    - Format
    I would like to keep the format as close to possible as last time's. I would like to know what people think of any and all of the following: Double elimination, best of one/three/five, seeding (of all forms), map pool, anything else format-wise that you can come up with.

    If you have any questions, ask. I can edit answers into the OP. I hope to post official signups, as well as a Strawpoll for the time a few days after the season officially ends. If anyone has other concerns, please feel free to add me on Steam.
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    im gonna repost this from the other thread so people dont have to go back and forth

    Pink: Pacific Northwest (PNW)
    Green: Southern California (SoCal)
    Orange: Midwest
    Light Orange/Peach: South
    Light Green/Seafoam: Great Lakes
    Blue: Canada
    Purple: Northeast
    Cyan: DC, Maryland, Virgina and friends (DMV)

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    I am also interested in captaining for SoCal

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    willing to captain for great lakes again (if minnesota counts for that still)

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    Feel free to add me, RJ. I want to ensure that every region is satisfied with their roster and that nobody feels like they got unjustly maligned by the region demarcations.

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    this map is the clear result of blatant gerrymandering and i will not stand for it

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    lft south (light orange)
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    lft team south, orange (played last region wars and would like to see the south rise again.)
    Spy or engineer
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    if we cant get 8 teams we should shoot for 6 and have one day solely for round robin for seeds. The top seed would advance to the next round and the bottom seed is eliminated all together.

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    Im down to play / captain for the northeast team.

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    i'm down to play for any canadian team

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    will play demo or pryo (DMV)
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    will play soldier or pyro for midwest

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    LFT banana yellow

    TF2 Ferocity Lan:

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    LFT team cyan.
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