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    As a demo vs a dive bombing solly what is my best defense? My stickys don't seem fast enough and I can usually hit 1 out of 3 pipes with my LnL but he still gets me. What should I do in situations like that?

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    dont use lnl like a fag

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    Your heavy should be dealing with a bombing soldier, not you. If he bombs you while your heavy is dead, and you/your med can't get away, your best hope is to pipe him. If the heavy is dead your scout really should be playing with your combo anyway though, so this really isn't a situation that should come up often if your team is playing properly.

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    If u know the soldier is alive and you know he's gunna bomb you just put stickies at ur feet and surf 1 rocket don't rely on ur pipes stickies are just pipes that you can aim better, decide when it explodes and do more than 100 damage


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