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Thread: Fallen Lord lft sniper s22

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    As long as your team takes care of him, he will take care of you. This guy owns. He is also a really awesome person and after a season playing with him, the only time I've ever seen him being "toxic" was when he went positive on ashville and Gabe unexeced before the round end. <3

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    Hes my boi and is a guaranteed nutter, he is by far the best sniper in this game currently. Please pick my boi up for next season and you are guaranteed to be 1st place plat

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccilodigwe View Post
    he is by far the best sniper in this game currently
    which one is it, fallen or sully? make up ur mind

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    fallen is one of those players who with a competent team can not only consistently top frag, but he can take over a game at will

    he has incredible raw aim and is definitely the kindest person high plat will ever see, in all my time playing with and against him ive never seen him be toxic or rude in any way

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    Unbelievably talented player, and is super nice. Fallen Lord is a huge morale booster, and is a very good sniper. Deserves only the best.


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