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Thread: Season 21 - Week 9

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    that's the smoothest thing i've ever seen

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    metawe will win this quite easily

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    there was nothing i could do

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    Quote Originally Posted by _shotaway View Post
    i used to be really good friends with the person who made the weaselcake meme (stachekip). i even did a few videos for him back in like 2011

    man being apart of the friends circle community of the people who made those vids back in the day was unreal. between minifett, gb7zone7, stache, armaster, and others. golden age of community tf2
    You're only given a little spark of madness, you mustn't lose it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronnie J View Post
    Vryktion; Soverign may not of known that Gary was an alt, but when your whole team knows that a player is alting besides the leader, it just shows pure incompetence on the leaders part. Not gonna lie, I find it ironic that someone who gave so much flack to team spooky having sully account share has a blatant alt play lmao. But that's just a theory :thinking:
    a game theory

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    Snail > bv

    Mm > sb
    Not close

    Jam > door

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    i will be playing medic for dK

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    you suck bad
    6:07 AM - Vegan: do NOT shit post on my threads. I didn't kneel to you and give the spot right away. Go the fuck back to silver where you belong and don't talk shit because you have nothing to say

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    9:43 PM - crab_f lft plat/IM s25: also why r u paused
    9:43 PM - Legolas: paul is throwing up
    9:43 PM - Legolas: bad
    9:44 PM - Legolas: getting a ringer
    9:44 PM - crab_f lft plat/IM s25: ???????
    9:44 PM - Legolas: i think this is over
    9:44 PM - crab_f lft plat/IM s25: ring me
    9:44 PM - Legolas: no
    9:44 PM - Legolas: they denied all ringers

    this isn't looking good

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