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Thread: Grandmaster Hitscan / Ana Main Potentially LFT

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    Default Grandmaster Hitscan / Ana Main Potentially LFT

    Grandmaster player. Legos#1690. Last season was 4001 with a 65% winrate as ana.

    Play a lot of widow, ana, mccree, and soldier.

    I really only want to join a team with the intention of winning the whole thing. Got a super flexible schedule and can scrim whenever. I would like to play Ana AND Widowmaker primarily. I'm not gonna join a team just to be locked into one hero.

    5000+ hours in tf2
    200+ hours of widowmaker
    played platinum sniper and spy in ugc highlander
    played platinum scout in 6s

    feel free to add me <-- gameplay examples, a little bit dated at this point.

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    Not sure how you're gonna find a team that will be ok with you flexing support and dps
    "You're cancer, bye." - Brick

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    Ive added you with a serious offer for an OW team. Please add me if you get a chance or are still looking. Thanks!


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