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Thread: LFT Scout main

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    Dominican Republic

    Smile LFT Scout main

    I am actually located in Dominican Republic but I have good ping on any NA server

    Looking for a Steel team as a sub for this season
    Past teams: none
    2.6k+ hrs on game
    300+ hrs on Scout
    Good internet, got mic, discord/mumble/Teamspeak

    leave a comment or add me ^^
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    added about your post

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    I met Litox in matchmaking for the first time a few months ago, and was impressed by the effort and teamwork he put forth, so I added him. Since then, I've seen him improve as a player, moving on to Faceit, where he's developed into a solid scout who could definitely hold his own in Steel.

    Don't be concerned about him being from Dominican Republic, he has 30 ping, he speaks plenty, and you'll have no problems understanding anything he says.

    He's a dedicated player with a lot of talent, and will improve a lot in a good team environment. Try him out!

    I play in ESEA Open as a pocket, feel free to add me if you have any further questions about Litox, or if you need advice/help with anything tf2 related.

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    he's pretty feckin good mate, no worries

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