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Thread: Need players for next season

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    Default Need players for next season

    Looking for an iron/steel team for the next highlander season, open spots listed below.

    SCOUT: Taken
    SOLLY: Open
    PYRO: Open
    DEMO: Taken
    HEAVY: Taken
    ENGINEER: Taken
    MEDIC: Open
    SNIPER: Open
    SPY: Taken
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    I’m currently playing for another team as pyro, I could sub pyro for your team

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    I really want to be a spy becus its my main and in all my acc's i have like 700 hours with em but i can became like a sniper i have like 450 hours with em and i have pretty good aim
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    I'm want to attend for pyro if that's not a problem i'm a experienced pyro
    (btw i have low hours on that account, don't panic ive got over 3000 hours in tf2 total)
    Add me if interested

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    Hi, I could play pyro for your team for s22. If you are interested message me here or on steam (Hermione Granger #Tf2Center) to let me know if im illegible for the team!

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    I'd like to play Medic for your team. I've got 750 hrs on TF2, with 200 on Medic. Steam ID: Saltssaumure.

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    yo I played med for a na highlander team, i want to pick up eu highlander now. Have decent experience
    Can play basically everyday of the week starting from 6/6.30pm

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    hey im an experienced solly, I can play almost everyday of the week

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    Yooo, i'm applying for Soldier

    I currently have 2856 hours in TF2

    If you're interested add me

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    Can play Sniper if you like. 2.6k+ hours, 1.1k in CS:GO.

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    Any like minimal play time? if not id like to play pyro have 439 hours total right now and about 14 hours on pyro

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    I am new to the competitive HL scene (no prior experience) and I would like to trial as your Soldier. I am currently subbing for another team so I would appreciate if you can give me this position. I have played 30 lobbies in TF2Center and I know all my Soldier positioning and duties reasonably well. I currently have 2.6k hours on record and 492 hours on the Soldier class alone.

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    i would like to trial as sniper, 700+ hours sniper, 2,2k hours overall

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    added for anything but medic

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    Yo i`v been playing a lot of tf2 lately and i wanted to search for a good team i main MEDIC and i think i`m pretty good at it in 6`s hook me up if you`r interested


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