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Thread: Looking for iron/steel players (all classes)

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    Default Looking for iron/steel players (all classes)

    Putting together a new team for the next season, so all the open spots'll be listed below.
    Experience level should be around lower tier iron/steel.

    Positions -
    SCOUT: Taken
    SOLDIER: Taken
    PYRO: Open
    DEMO: Taken
    HEAVY: Taken
    ENGINEER: Taken
    MEDIC: Open
    SNIPER: Taken
    SPY: Taken
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    I could play spy, I have like 600h spy on pub n maybe 150h on tf2center/faceit.
    Add me if you need to know sth else.

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    i can play scout. lost my previos acc so had to start new one. slowly getting my skill back

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    I’m currently playing for another team as pyro, I could sub pyro for your team

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    I main Medic, 750 hrs of which 200 are on Medic, PM me id: saltssaumure if interested

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    yo I played med for a na highlander team, i want to pick up eu highlander now. Have decent experience
    Can play basically everyday of the week starting from 6/6.30pm

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    I can play pyro i did have 100 hours as him but then I reset my stats.

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    medic main or sub :

    i think tf2centre link contains all necessary info

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    I can play both Medic and Pyro. happy to fill either roll.
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    Spy main with 2000hours in tf2. 1000h as spy. played one season in steel as roaster and in season 10 etf2l open team.
    This is my old account :
    Add my new. :

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    Thumbs up Pyro

    I can play as pyro, I have over 40h on him

    I currently have 1151h on tf2


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