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Thread: The 4v4 Config Doesn't Work

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    Default The 4v4 Config Doesn't Work

    It doesn't work. The game just doesn't start. I have heard from at least one other person who also could not get it to work, after like 2 hours.

    Fix it please okay bye

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    I made a fixed version when I got my server because I didn't like the new ready system and a lot of times it didn't work.

    otherwise just try to replace these/rcon them:
    mp_tournament "1"
    mp_tournament_allow_non_admin_restart "0"
    mp_tournament_readymode "0"
    mp_tournament_readymode_countdown "10"
    mp_tournament_readymode_min "2"
    mp_tournament_readymode_team_size "3"
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    just have everyone spam F4 (ready) till it actually starts, it works that way


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