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Thread: [LFP] Pocket, 2 Scouts, Demo, Medic

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    Default [LFP] Pocket, 2 Scouts, Demo, Medic

    Hello, I'm starting a team for Iron 6v6 and I'm looking for the best players with the best team chemistry who are willing to coach the team and play in the matches. We are currently looking for:
    Soldier (Pocket)
    2 Scouts

    We require you to:
    Have at least 500 hours of playtime;
    50-80 hours+ of playtime on your main class;
    Good team chemistry;
    Good leadership skills;
    Know the maps;
    Have fun while playing.

    Please contact me by adding me on Steam:

    Something to note, I do break some of these qualifications but I serving as the leader of the team, trying to gather everybody and let them role, where I fill in where necessary. I am currently working on bridging the gap between the leader and the players by playing with them while also learning from them. There are many things I don't know in terms of the game but while I work on bridging this gap, I am willing to learn what I need to.

    Thanks, and have fun.

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    I am interested in joining your team and would like to be scout.

    I have 1710 hours on the game and 112 hours on the scout.

    Feel free to add and contact me on Steam:

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLURRYFACE View Post
    I am interested in joining your team and would like to be scout.

    I have 1710 hours on the game and 112 hours on the scout.

    Feel free to add and contact me on Steam:
    In, also update/bump to the post, I have a pocket now. Still looking for 1 scout, a demo and a medic. Thanks for joining.

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    I Have 650 hours total and about 60 in scout I added you on steam under the name imported leathers.

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    Hi, I am a new player in the Competitive Scene, i would love to play as Scout for your team.
    I have 3,872 hours in TF2 and I have 122 hours as Scout.

    I also sent you a friend request and the name is The Box Engie.

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    Hello I would like to try out as main Scout
    This is my UGC profile:
    As you can see, I already played 2 6s seasons as Scout
    I'm a chill person, I never rage and I have 350 hours as scout
    I'm highly interested in playing my first NA season mainly because there is no more a South American division in UGC
    Thankfully, Néss.

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    Completely New comp. player. Open minded to criticism, and willing to learn. 2000 hours on tf2 and 130 on scout. Enjoy both roamer scout and combo scout. Preferred off class Heavy then Engi. Can scrim M and W from 5 to 7(pacific time) , maybe 8; (8 to 11 eastern time). Can also scrim Sundays same time. My steam profile

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    Hello, I am a half new and half experienced comp player, I would be looking to play as pocket. My timezone is EST, I have im not a toxic player aswell. I have 122 hours on soldier. Hope I can be a part of the team.

    Add me.

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    I have 420 hours in the game, and around 50 in medic. Not sure exactly how many because I reset my stats a month ago. I'm definitely willing to learn, and don't have a problem taking criticism. My steam account is:

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    Hi, I have 3,000+ hours in TF2, my main being Medic inwhich I am not sure how many hours I have on him due to the fact I reset my stats a lot.
    Despite how long I've been playing TF2 I have hardly played comp at all, the class I am best at is Medic and can't really off class very well tbh. I am still learning a lot about the comp scene.
    I generally have decent team work and good game sense, but my mechanical skills could use a little work.

    My steam URL is:

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    I can play scout, or demo i have over 3,000 hours in the game and over 300 hours on each class add me to discuss further.


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