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Thread: GUIDE: How to create and setup a new OW team

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    Default GUIDE: How to create and setup a new OW team

    How to create a new OW team

    Step 1 – Click the Battle Net Login button on the OW homepage:

    Step 2 – Click the Create New OW Team button from your player profile page:

    Step 3 – Fill in all pertinent info about your new team and click Submit Request when done.

    Step 4 – Once your team has been accepted you will receive an email like this with a link to create your leader account and to set a password. MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDER! Click the Create Your Password link to continue.

    Step 5 – Enter a password and click Update Password. Please do not share this password with anyone. If you have more than 1 leader on a team, please ask an Admin to create additional leader accounts.

    How to setup your new OW team
    Step 1 – Begin setting up your team. Click the Click Here to Begin Team Setup button on your team homepage:

    Step 2 – At this point your team status will be set to Not Ready. Once you have at least 5 players on your roster you will need to click the Set Team to Ready button on the team leader home page:

    Step 3 – Set a Team Join PassCode. This PassCode will have to be entered by every player that wishes to join your roster. Click on the Team Options > Team Join PassCode link from your team leader homepage:

    Step 4 – Accepting players to your team. Please note: Whoever fills out the new team application will automatically be added to the pending roster join list. Click the Team Roster button from your leader homepage:

    Step 5 – Click the Review New Player or Reject button next to the player on the roster management page:

    Step 6 – Choose whether or not you want the new player to be designated on the roster as a Leader or a Member and then click the Add player to TEAM Roster button to continue.

    Step 7 – Requesting a division change. The name in green is your current division. Please note, any divisions with the word *New in them will not be scheduled to play matches. You must request to be moved out of this division once you have at least 6 players on your roster. Click the Request Division Change button from your leader homepage:

    Step 8 – Choose a division from the drop-down list and click the Request Change button to continue
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