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Thread: LF/ 4v4 Players

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    Default LF/ 4v4 Players

    New to 4v4 but are experienced in 6v6 and HL. Need main and subs for new team. Its fine if you have no experience playing 4v4 just need to be a good player. Only requirements are..

    - Age 16+
    - Good Mic
    - Willing to learn and pratice on weekdays

    add to talk thanks

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    Name : Sve
    Country : Sweden
    Age: 21
    I have Over 2100 hour at Tf2
    Classes i'm good at from top to low : Soldier > Scout > Demo > Medic > Spy > Engi > Heavy > Sniper > Pyro ( i Dont Play Pyro.)
    I Can Be A Roamer And A Pocket i Also Can be a backup Player
    And a Replacement For any Class Except Pyro or Sniper.

    Steam Profile :
    Steam Rep :


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