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Thread: Putting together a new team

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    Hey look bud,I main Shpee I can play Scout too but if you need i can play medic/solly and demo only if i need to if you want to contact me add me on steam

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    I main shpee but i can also play scout and power classes if u want to contact me here is my steam

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    Hello! I'm new to comp but I am pretty good at soldier! I have 100 hours on him. I can show my skills and let you think if I'm good or not. Thanks! (Btw I have 700 hours on TF2) Please contact me on Steam!

    My Steam Profile:

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    A spymain here!
    - Good aim (it is fucking weird aim but does it matter if it hits ? )
    - Very Good gamesense
    - Good melee
    - Map knowlendge: Average
    - 800 hours played tf2
    - Mastered all trickstabs and knowledge when not to use them
    - I know spy and its capabilities very well ( Like when to go gunspy with dr, what do you need to do in order to win )
    - Experience as scout, heavy, engineer and soldiermain
    - Strong finnish accent


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    i can play scout,heavy or medic


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