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Thread: UGC support chat moved to Discord app

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    Default UGC support chat moved to Discord app

    Our league's TF2 Chat Support pages are now moved to the Discord app.
    If you have not used this text/voice chat application, give it a try.

    It can be loaded as a full app in a browser window, but I suggest downloading the full PC application. It also has a very well done mobile app.
    Discord link:

    If you are logged in as a player or team owner, this support option is on your menu. We've also embedded the discord widget on this page.

    Edit 1: You can also join the room directly via this link:

    Edit 2: We will also now offer support through voice chat inside of Discord. Please make sure to text chat with admin first in #ugctf2support to make sure somone is available. From there you can join the Support Queue room (which is muted) and then we will manually drag you into the main support room.

    Edit 3: We've also added a #tf2scrim channel that is open to all users. Feel free to use this chat room to organize scrims for your team!
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