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Thread: Repository of Banned Map & Weapon Glitches

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    Default Repository of Banned Map & Weapon Glitches

    UGC Announcement
    Banned Map & Weapon Glitches

    Starting Highlander Season 15, UGC will implement a blanket-ban policy on map & weapon glitches. We ask that teams be cooperative with each other, spread the word around and do so in a proactive manner. Warn your opponents of these glitches before they use them unintentionally. A dispute can lead to a round replay or a round loss, which can cause more harm than good for both teams.

    Under Section 9 - Cheating and Ban Policy of our Rules, Section 9.2 has been revised to:

    9.2 Map, weapons and game engine exploits - The intentional use of exploits of map flaws, weapons and game engine bugs are not allowed. Use of exploits in a match can result in either the round being replayed or the offending team may lose the round.

    • Example #1: Engineer buildings may not be placed in areas in which the opposing team is unable to destroy them. This includes but is not limited to maps that allow* you to build a teleporter inside the spawn room itself (such as on Ashville). Exception: Some maps, like cp_steel and cp_gravelpit, have a protected area outside of the spawn room which is still behind gates (this area is defined as your team's base). You are allowed *to build engie buildings in your base (as long as it's not in your actual spawn room).**
    • Example #2: Players may not shoot through solid surfaces or doors that are intended to be closed. This includes but is not limited to the A door on cp_steel.
    • Example #3: Storing krit punches on the engineer's gunslinger is not allowed.
    • Example #4: Engies are not permitted to build a teleporter in the small closed off room at Red's last CP on pl_upward.
    A blanket-ban policy means that banned exploits are not limited to the list below.
    To report additional glitches & exploits, please post here.


    1. Shooting into the BLU spawn on point 1 from point 4 is illegal. Example
    2. Building a teleporter in the small closed off room at Red's last control point is illegal. Example
    3. On 3rd point, blocking the cart through the following bridge glitch is illegal. Example


    1. Shooting through door A while doors are intended to be closed is illegal. You can shoot when doors start to open, as they are no longer intended to be closed. Example w/ pyro, Example w/ soldier
    2. Shooting stickies into BLU's team base with the following angle is illegal. Example


    1. Building a teleporter in your spawn room is illegal.

    Weapon Glitches

    1. Storing crit punches on your teammates with your gunslinger as an engineer is illegal. Example
    2. Stocking balls with the sandman as scout is illegal. During setup time, the scout can throw a ball on the floor, resupply to a cabinet and repeat the operation. This can leave a high number of balls at his disposal once setup time is over.
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