Hello, my name is Diesel. I have had plenty of competitive experience and I am not new to 6s or highlander, I frequently play scout and engineer in highlander so I am very familiar with hit scanning and shotgun aim.

My UGC profile:
As the highlander season comes to an end and my team isn't playing the summer season I wish to touch up on my 6s and scout skills so that explains the team.

I have played a lot of TF2 I am coming on to 4000 hours now so yeah, I have about 500 hours as scout.

I'm a very friendly person towards others that are friendly and I am always welcoming (kind) criticism so I can sharpen my skills. I am also online mostly everyday, I can scrim around 19:00 CET and above.

I have mumble, and a very good computer: 60fps on Upgraded graphics (If that mattered)
I have played over 200 lobbies if that matter despite how bad of a place they are for practice.

I am looking for:
A friendly team
A main position: I have played sub and I didn't enjoy it
A team with at least 1000h total tf2: Yeah...
Mumble: Self explanatory
at least 1 scrim a week(during seasons): So I can practice
Steel team