• doppel

    by Published on September 14th, 2014 11:30 AM

    At the end of Season 13 I bought a VPS (Virtual Private Server) from TragicServers. They have 4 plans and I paid for the Highest. If you compare their plans to other VPS Host this is an amazing deal, and if you wait for a promotion (like I did) you can get it for even cheaper. I would say the only shame is that they don't offer higher packages. I chose a Linux server because it's cheaper and I chose Ubuntu 14 (which is Debian-based) because Valve supports Ubuntu and 14 is the newest edition.

    What can you do with a VPS? Well most people use them to host websites. I use mine to host SPACEBEARS TF2 server and Mumble server. TragicServers only offers VPS in Dallas, which is sort of middle ground as far as servers go and I average 60 ping from Michigan. Like all servers, it has it's unbearable moments but for the most ...