• Heinsight Strategy - CP_Gullywash

    For the basics of how to play 5cp, check out the Strategy guide for 5cp basics

    Now that you have the basics under your belt, we'll apply all of that directly to cp_gullywash in a more descriptive way. So we will just focus on the team, and sometimes break it into more individual tips.

    Area names
    Choke - Small door at mid leading to CP 2
    Main/Flank - Big door leading to the lower side of CP 2
    River - Large ramp leading from upper area outside of last and going down below last
    Balcony - The overlook into last between River and Shutter door.
    Shutter Door - The door that opens and closes at last next to Balcony that leads from mid level Lobby.
    Secret - Tiny area right next to last point underneath the platform of respawn
    Left or Gate/Low/High or Platform - Names generally used at last to describe the three doors coming in. Use what your team can easily remember
    Mid house and lower ramp (on choke side) - Make sure your team knows what you're calling these because they are both L shaped or elbow shaped!!! One should be elbow and other something creative

    Key points:
    1) If a Medic is hit hard, jump him and sacrifice for it if he's low enough and its just after the call.
    2) Mark out their top players for Scout/Spy/Sniper to focus on. This is very easy and can alleviate some of the tension on Medic (since those are the only 3 classes he should be dying to if he plays smart).

    Class Roles Mid fight , CP 2, Last

    Scout - Ya' listenin'? OK. Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brotha'- I hurt people
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    Sniper - Let's see how much blood's in ya!
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    Soldier - You are all weak! You are all bleeders!
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    Demo - Don't fret boyo, I'll be gentle!
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    Medic - Auf Wiedersehen, Dummkopfs!
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    Hwguy - Entire team is babies!
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    Pyro - Hudda hudda huh! Mmmm MMM!
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    Spy - Well, this was a disappointment.
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    Engy - You ladies shoulda' oughta' brought some menfolk with ya.
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    Team Offense

    Mid fight - Push as a unit. If everyone is following their roles this should come down to basic killing. If you are even on deathmatch, then your positioning will put you ahead. If you are weaker, then your positioning will hopefully make it even. Just dont get too aggressive (Scout/Soldier/Demo/Pyro/Hwguy) or it will end very very quickly. Feel it out and push as you need to. But dont all push in and die. Focus fire is very important. The Demoman on their team should be one of the first to die if you can manage it. Then focus on the Hwguy. Generally teams will fall apart after that and will immediately jump your Medic if the Soldier/Scout are still alive. So be ready Pyro/Hwguy! Force them to play out of their comfort zone if possible and go head to head with them. If they go up your Choke one time, go up yours the next time to butt them out. This is a bold statement and will hopefully force them to rethink what they are doing if you win this fight.

    CP 2 - I'm a big fan of the Spy C&D strat if its not apparent. If you know they are holding near CP 2, then bulldoze through. Get your Spy to call out Sticky traps. If your Spy is dead, then your Scout and Soldier can also easily do this for you. Once you hear the all clear, EVERYONE NEEDS TO PUSH!!! This takes some experience and trust in your teammates. It should never just be the Hwguy/Medic reacting and others trickling in. That is the best way to fail a push. All or nothing folks. Push push push!! If they are right on the choke, then I had fun pushing through with the Scout. He can maneuver past everyone....but Pyro. So when you pop uber, the first target is Pyro. You want to pop their Uber and then swap the Uber over to the Pyro. He can waste theirs entirely. Fall back around choke if necessary.....then repush! Make sure you dont lose too many on this kind of play. It can also be a game changer. This aggression is not usual for HL, so utilize that.

    Last - This is one of the more difficult last points to push in the rotation. One way to push in it is to kritz on your Demo from Balcony or River. You'll need to do it quickly and the first two stickies will need to take out the Medic. That's your goal. Once he is down you can bully your way in since they have no heals. No real team formation there, so you can do it in combination with the plays I talk about below, and just kritz the Demo as your team pushes low. This is a huge diversion and will most definitely cause them to pop their uber and not focus on you. Pyro pushes in with Medic/Demo to block their uber as your Hwguy and Scout start the cap going. By the time the cap is going the Engy should have pushed in from Balcony and dropped his gun to shoot their backs as they look at the point. Its like clockwork if you get it down as a team! Hwguy will play a big role in the plays below. Hereare two of my favorite pushes that worked probably 7/10 and I'll drop some variations:.
    Sneaky Under with Scout and Fat Scout
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    Sneaky Under ALL IN
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    **This play can be done in combination with the play above since they are moderately similar. The key is to just block them from getting to you. The next round they will probably put more behind/under the point, so play it from the Shutter or River and you will throw them off. Force them to split their forces and you'll be successful**

    Team Defense

    CP 2 - Few options here (just like we like it!): 1) Hang out at the choke with the main force of your team and Scout/Soldier watch flank. 2) Hold on balcony with Demo at choke calling inc, Scout/Soldier on flank. 3) Hold at flank below balcony and wait to see which way they push. Try and get Sniper/Demo to pop their uber quickly so you can counter late and force them back. Sniper/Eng will generally be doing the same thing. Nothing special for them.
    When planning a defense on this point, you need to gauge what happened at mid to cause you to lose. Certain situations call for different holds:
    1) Wiped at mid - Hold last, more than likely they are pushing straight to CP 2 and will block you or kill stragglers.
    2) Lose Hwguy/Demo - You've lost your 2 key classes that can really block them off from their push. You probably wont be able to hold the choke on your own, go up high and hold with Pyro and be ready to fall back if they push in quickly.
    3) No real losses but you lost advantage - Hold at choke and everyone follow their individual roles for defending CP 2.

    Last - Soldier/Scout hanging at River/Balcony, Eng in his spot near spawn (away from River), Combo hanging out around Sentry gun. Watch the doors and plan to stop them. It will be tough if they split you by going underneath and also pushing River. Be ready for this and once you see Hwguy or Pyro go low, just get ready to cut them off when they come up. Hwguy is very strong to do this and then your Pyro can rotate down if enough go that way. Otherwise you can have your Pyro push out through River and go down beneath them from behind and put out a mass load of damage before they push, then Hwguy can clean up. Medic/Demo can stay up on the ledge and wait. Dont get baited in to everyone going down.

    For a more in depth analysis, check out the Heinsight featuring Harbleu and Sigafoo

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