• Heinsight Strategy - Highlander Support Basics

    Here is the general strategy that I think will be most beneficial to teams. You can read all of this to understand everyone's role. Or just read yours and fully understand it. Everyone is important in HL. Do your job well and you can win the game for your team. Do it badly and you will possibly be the downfall.

    Combo Medic/Hwguy, close float Demo/Soldier. Always within healing range and able to push when Medic calls for it. Medic normally calls the shots and those around him listen or it will fail. If the Medic is unable to call the shots, then one of the others in the cluster needs to try. Hwguy needs to be the main pocket when everyone else is healed up. If he goes down soldier/demo need to step in and call who is pocket. Soldier needs to ALWAYS be building uber if nothing else is going on (shoot walls, whatever).

    Scout - Stays alive foremost. Focus on killing Demo/Medic/Sniper, try and avoid all others. Calls incoming to the Combo. Sneak up behind anyone they can and get free kills. If you aren't getting kills, stay back and potshot just to knock off as much health as possible.

    Sniper - Pick their sniper/medic. Watch out for Spies and Scouts, they will be tasked to kill you. Another solid objective is to try and keep the Engineer down (especially on PL/CTF maps).

    Pyro - Flares/shotguns people from afar if no one is near. The more damage done the better. Only one medic is on a team to heal everyone. So put out as much damage as possible. Airblast ubers away and block. Its okay for you to die as long as you do a lot of damage and your team can follow up. If no one can follow up on your damage output, then you need to hang with your Medic and airblast grens/rockets. Your role is to distract and pester.

    Spy - This class can turn the tides of a match from mediocre to unstoppable. If you can constantly get back stabs on them and harass, they will focus on you instead of capping or moving. Nothing is better than a good spy. Spy is a class that is to be focused on to kill as well. If you aren't getting kills, don't just keep dying. Stay invisible with C&D and give incoming information for the Combo.

    Engineer - Build good teleporters that can be used in a pinch, and also won't be destroyed super fast. If it goes down, get it back up as soon as you possibly can. Build good guns that can watch everyone's back from Spies. Move them to spots that will be harder to kill or force them to blow an uber on. Both guns are good, but the lvl3 is what can clinch a win. Build a dispenser in a local area that everyone knows about. Speed is your virtue. You are very important to the game because of the Medic's focus on healing the big 3 killers. If there is a dispenser up at all times, you can save a push and maintain a hold. Distract with a mini on Payload Offense/5cp and use your shotgun to get the kills needed.

    Every class is important friends. No one can be left behind in HL. If you aren't doing as good as you think you should, watch your demo later and see where you can improve or contact a mentor to help out.

    This is very team oriented. If one person is failing, we all fail. Family ties (no urkel's allowed though)

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