View Full Version : Niko Jims - Engineer - High Silver or Platinum

Niko Jims
September 27th, 2012, 04:12 PM
Edit: Found a Silver team. If you are a Plat team looking for a starter Engineer, hit me up and we can still talk. Otherwise, I have a team.

Name - Niko Jims (Or just Niko, which is what the majority of people call me)
Location - Florida
Age - 20
Classes Preferred - Engineer, Scout
Availability: I am available from 6PM-12AM EST for scrims pretty much any day that I am not busy with something.

tl;dr at the bottom

Hello everyone, my name is Niko Jims, or Niko for short, and I am currently looking for a High Silver/Plat team to play on. A little about me and TF2, I've been playing since 2009, where I was stuck on the Xbox 360 version for 2 years. About a year ago, I moved to the PC version. I started playing Highlander a couple of months later after learning about it as I thought it would be fun to do. Turns out it was more fun than I imagined. I've played 2 season of UGC Steel, 1 season of ETF2L Div 6, and currently UGC Silver as Engineer, and this current season of ESEA-O as Scout.

Now to get to the point, I am looking for a High Silver/Plat team that wants to win, have fun, and get better as a team(scrims once a day/every other day/often). I feel these three things make a team strong. I main Engineer, which is the spot I am looking for. For Silver, I am only looking for a starter position, but for Plat, since barely anyone knows me, backup is fine, although I will probably pick Silver starter over Plat backup mainly for the sole reason that I love playing and it's hard to get better when you are sitting on the sidelines. I don't mind playing Scout, but I would much rather prefer Engineer. Anyways, if you are in need of an Engineer and you fit what I'm looking for, hit me up with a Friend Request and we'll bang, okay? I can provide demos, as well, if you want to watch me play before trying me out.

tl;dr - Engineer looking for High Silver/Plat Starter/Starter or backup position. You can reach me at my profile below.