View Full Version : Scout Main form Czech Rep. Looking for Team. (~300hrs - 40% on Scout)

March 21st, 2017, 05:53 PM
Hello, my name is Adam. I am looking for team I could train with. I am one of the best english speakers in my region (proven by winning official competition year ago).

I started playing TF back when I was 12 or 13 (I am 16 ATM). You might be thinkin that 300 hours in 3 years is realy bad, and I agree, but it is due to the fact, that I was playing CS:GO in a team (5th place in LAN competition - It was because the servers fell and we had to replay the game we were clearly wining, which got us down a lot ...). That means I have plenty of experience with E-sports. I used to play UGC before, but back then I was too unfamiliar too it and that's why I haven't got stuck with it.

As I already advised - I am a scout main. I like to play it unusually - but I can adjust to the meta way of playing. If you give me a shot, you won't be mad, trust me ;)

my steam profile is:
(lvl 43 - that's how you know it's me)

Contact me for more information, I'll be glad :)