View Full Version : Phelix - Soldier - Iron/Steel

September 5th, 2012, 11:59 PM
Name - Phelix
Age - 20
Location - Missouri (GMT -6)
Availability - Definitely free any time after 5pm Central. I can work with earlier, so let me know.
Steam Profile (http://steamcommunity.com/id/phelix08)

Experience: I don't have any real competitive experience (I've played maybe three comp 6v6 matches with a /very/ disorganized team). I've done MGEmod 1v1's for a while now, I'm not awful but I'm not pro either. I honestly don't know what kind of players I've been playing against, so it's hard to tell you where I'd stack up. I have about 700 hours total in tf2, about 200 hours on Soldier.

I guess ideally I'd like to play backup on a team that's a bit above my skill level, but I would appreciate any opportunity to get into some competitive matches. I am also interested in playing Sniper, but I don't think my sniper is as good as my soldier. I'd also be willing to play anything except spy, but I personally don't think I'm on a competitive level with the other classes. Anyway, if you're interested, feel free to add me on steam and we can talk. Thanks for considering me!

September 7th, 2012, 02:46 PM
I'd like to have you on our team, I've added you.