View Full Version : Low Pyro/Soldier looking for team

September 17th, 2012, 05:03 PM

GhostPyro - Pyro/Soldier - Any level

GhostPyro (RL Marshall)
NA East Coast
Pyro is the class I would prefer to play I have 70ish hours on Pyro. But I can also run soldier if you need me too!
I am available all week after 4 and unless something else comes up all weekend

I've been playing tf2 for quite sometime now, I started playing on the xbox a half a yearish after the game was released and converted to pc when the game went f2p. I have around 500 hours logged in for tf2. My pyro playtime is aroud 70 hours and my soldier is around 50. I like to think im a pretty above decent pyro and tend to to do well in lobbies and such. I would be more than happy than to be on your team any level it may be. Please send me a message i'll be on all day! Thank you for your time