View Full Version : Sex on Acid (Redux, Gold/Plat?) LF Backups + med/sollies

March 27th, 2015, 11:53 AM
Hey hey! Looking for players for the SUMMER SEASON. :D

A little about me: I'm a sniper/scout main playing TF2 since 2011, just under 4,000 hours in the game, 1,000 on sniper and ~250 on scout and soldier individually. Been playing competitive since S8, I founded Umbra, Nox Caedis, and Sex on Acid, the last of which I'm reviving. I've played through silver in both HL and 6s and rang for gold scrimmages. My actual-factual name is Rebecca/Becca, I currently live in Iowa City, I'll be 20 in a bit, and my favorite things are EDM, soft sugar cookies, the beach, and hairless cats. You can find me at youtube.com/user/Wetterhound, twitch.tv/wetterhound, and STEAM_0:0:44375895.

A little about s•a: Sex on Acid (which is literally impossible in actual practice, lemme tell you) is an anagram of my former team, Nox Caedis, which was Latin for "Night of Murder". s•a appeared first in S14 in Steel, but didn't get to finish the season because I had harbleu playing for us and we were...removed from Steel. Anywho! So far my lineup looks like this...

Scout: Wetterhound
backup: myself. I can't not be here. Ever.

Scout: hydrox
backup: leaky, m4risa

Roamer: harbleu

Pocket: tubbs


Medic: Noobinator
backup: Abbott Jedi

As you can see, rather bare. Rough times. Fix this, yo!

You know what I'm expecting from a team like this. Not gonna have a criteria for ya'll to follow. Add me, hit me up, etc.



May 30th, 2015, 04:58 PM
Dang, nice lineup