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October 21st, 2013, 12:24 AM
Hey all!
My name is Zev or 'tokyo' on the internet. I live in Hong Kong, i'm 14 and my nationality half German half American. I've been playing tf2 for 1 and 1/2 to 2 years now and have finally built up the courage and commitment to create a UGC team. I understand that i'm probably in the lower eschalon of skill within the UGC Asia community but i'm didn't join to beat everyone.

The teammates i'm looking for/want to recruit or people who want to have fun and do their best whilst having some good times.

Classes Needed
Scout: meep (Backup availible)
Sniper: Tokyo (Backup availible)
Medic: Currently open (Backup availible)
Spy: butt (Backup availible)
Demoman: Currently open (Need backup)
Soldier: MPARROTG (Need backup)
Pyro: cxc (Need backup)
Heavy: ck (Need backup)
Engineer: elnathanking (Need backup)

Note: Backups are needed for all these classes unless listed otherwise so if you feel you have too little time to make a commitment to the team you might want to sign up for a backup.

Playing Times: You should be able to play around 7-8pm at night or earlier on weekends. Your time schedule should be pretty open, i'm not expecting you to be able to play all the time but we need to able to cater to both teams needs in scrims and official matches. I live in UTC +8 Hong Kong Timezone

Langauge: English will be the main comms on the team. If you're fluent, thats great. Add me if you're not confident with your english skills and we'll have a conversation on mumble to see if we can comm properly

Preferred Skill Level: We are going to be playing in UGC HL Asia league. I'm really not expecting really great players on the team but you are going to have to show a reasonable amount of experience and knowledge in TF2 wheter it be pugs, lobbies etc. If you are new to leauge play this teams is for you! We just want to have a fighting chance on our team

Group Steam Community Page: None currently

Team contacts: Contact me for any questions regarding the team or if you're interested in joining make a post and add me at http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198030171866/

EDIT: Make sure to use this gem when making a post on this thread
Name: eg.xxxSuperProxxx

Preferred Classes: eg. engy, sniper, scout (put in order of decreasing proficiency)

Available Playing Times: eg. 2 AM - 4 AM (+6 GMT)

Preferred Skill Level: eg. Division 1

STEAM COMMUNITY PAGE: *LINK HERE* (Page preferably not private if you are new to the community)

Other Information: eg. I am a chill guy.

Other Information: ​Start as 9 team-mates, end as 9 friends.

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The Asia Fortress thread link is here: http://asiafortress.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3182-norwegian-wood-season-12-hl-team-recruitment/