View Full Version : Medic lft div6

August 4th, 2013, 04:09 AM
Hey my name is bycomp, and I'm qurrently playing HL as medic, alot of my friends says that since I'm doing really well in HL I should also try 6s. Which I've been thinking about alot lately. And now I was like "why not?"

So more about me as medic, I've been playing medic for 2,5 years, I'm strongest with my regular über, and my loadouts are always Syringe Gun/Medigun/kritz/übersaw. I'm not an agressive type of medic but I'm working on it atm, also I'm maincaller on my team.

I've done alot of lobbies and a currently playing as medic in my own team Stigma Zeta. If you want to trail me or jsut add me feel free to do so.

I'm from Sweden and I usually have around max 40-50 ping on servers located in Europe, I talk almost fluent english with a hint off an accent.