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  1. Looking for peeps!
  2. Looking for people steel 6v6
  3. !tkz looking for subs all classes
  4. 6's Starters/Backups
  5. LFP 6s Steel
  6. Closed not look for players
  7. Steel 6s Team LF Medic and Subs
  8. Looking for backups
  9. [Relax] LF Medic Main
  10. 'we're going to lose' looking for players
  11. Bad Intentions looking for pocket solly and backups
  12. [Steel] Relax Is Currently LF Roamer
  13. Nub_Danish lft pocket/roamer
  14. Looking for Steel 6s demo
  15. Ɯberdroppers/Steel/LFP
  16. Hale's Grunts LFT backups (Not Medic)
  17. Need Steel 6s Med
  18. Steel team looking for backups!
  19. Experience High Steel 6s Team LF Medic and Pocket
  20. LFP Basically everything
  21. Looking for a Medic
  22. |2enegades 6s team LFP
  23. LF Pocket - High Steel
  24. Looking for backups, possibly starters.
  26. Still looking for a medic and backups for all classes
  27. The Dunk Sqaud LF Medic
  28. nikumaru - steel - lf demo
  29. jgkergjkwagw looking for those wishing to get their feet wet with 6s
  30. [Steel] Relax LF Pocket Solly
  31. LF players (iron-steel)
  32. BRL Looking for Starting Medic, Soldier and ANY Backups
  33. Pocket and subs!
  34. Looking for Demo/Med and subs
  35. LF Steel Backups
  36. LF backup roamer and scout
  37. Steel team (full team now)
  38. LF 2 Scouts preferbly if one can snipe
  39. Lf starting roamer
  40. LF Medic
  41. LFT Roamer/low
  42. done
  43. Steel Team: The Dark Inhalers: Looking for new players!
  44. High Steel team needs a medic!
  45. Subs
  46. The Kazoos! Steel Team LF Demo!
  47. RBC Looking For a 6s Backups!
  48. Steel team looking for starting scout
  49. 6v6 Team Looking for Mains.
  50. Steel 6v6 Team OhBooHoo Looking For New Players!
  51. Steel team looking for scout backup / main
  52. steel team looking for backups
  53. LFP Demo
  54. The Kazoos! Steel LF Pocket/Medic! <3
  55. LF Starting Demoman | Backup Demoman | Backup Medic
  56. Need scout, demo roamer
  57. Cap'n Crunch & The Cereal Killers LF Backups for All Classes
  58. OhBooHoo Looking for Backups.
  59. LF Demo backup!
  60. LF Backups for every class
  61. <3 LF Starter Pocket
  62. Mid Steel LF Demo and Backups
  63. No longer
  64. Looking for demo main mid steel
  65. High Steel Team LF Medic, 1 Scout and Backups
  66. Steel Red looking for medic
  67. High Steel Team LF Medic
  68. The Usual Suspects LF Scout and Backups
  69. LF Demo
  70. No longer looking
  71. LFP: Scouts, Sollys.
  72. High Steel Team Looking For Players for Season 13
  73. New Steel Team looking for scouts to play with for S11!
  74. Need Pocket+backups of all class except medic
  75. Heyo! Breaking Keyboards looking for team mates!
  76. Fish Joe & Friends looking for Teammates for Season 13
  77. LFP: Fall Season. Scout/Medic
  78. LF Decent Demoman
  79. New 6s Steel Team Looking For Mains
  80. LF Scout
  81. Please close
  82. Killer Beatles - Looking for Scout, Demo, Medic, Pocket
  83. Nothing Personal: LFP Demo + Pocket Soldier
  84. No longer looking
  85. New steel team LF - Pocket and a Demo /
  86. Experienced Steel Team LF Experienced Passive Scout
  87. LF Roamer + Scouts
  88. Syrup Chugging Beavers - LF Scout and backups
  89. It's Just A Phase - LF Demo
  90. Demoman, Low Steel
  91. Vertically Stimulated LF Medic + Subs
  92. LF scouts, medic OR pocket.
  93. Brokio Squad Monopoly BSM LF Goons STEEL
  94. Looking for scout and roamer with experience.
  95. Lf Subs>Pocket,Medic Add me!
  96. LF Scouts, Roamer, Demoman
  97. High Steel team LF pocket and med.
  98. LF Pocket/Demo
  99. Looking for Medic and Pocket with experience.
  100. lf iron/steel medic
  101. LF roamer, demo
  102. Iron team LF regular scout backup.
  103. Mid-steel team LF Subs
  104. LF Steel Demo! PLEASE read description!
  105. New team :ChemicalBubbles
  106. Steel team looking for Subs
  107. Steel Team Looking for Medic
  108. Nevermind, Closed.
  109. New to 6's team in need of Scout
  110. Looking For subs all class and a main scout (Steel)
  111. LF Steel/Silver Medic | EDIT: FILLED
  112. LF Pocket
  113. LF High steel scout + roamer
  114. Team "Not Too Shabby" LF Medic!
  115. High Steel team LF Demo (GamerGurls)
  116. Steel Team LF Scout (and Subs)
  117. Looking For subs all class (Steel)
  118. Looking for a Demoman
  119. Mid-High Demoman and Roamer in need ASAP!
  120. LF players
  121. Looking for main scout (steel)
  122. Mid-Low Steel Team Looking for Demo and Subs!
  123. LF High Steel+ Demo or multiclass backup
  124. Mid Steel Team LF Medic & Subs
  125. Steel Team LF Pocket and Med
  126. Order Of Kills 6s LF Backups for all
  127. Looking for main scout (steel)
  128. New Steel team LF DEMO & MEDIC
  129. Lf scout
  130. LF Demo, Scout and Medic
  131. Lft Pocket
  132. Experienced High-Steel Team LF a GOOD Demo!
  133. Karma! Looking for a DEMO!!!
  134. Steel team looking for players!
  135. Steel 6's Team Smokin' Crockets LFP
  136. boobgrow.com LF Pocket, Med and maybe scout(s)
  137. No Longer Looking
  138. S14 Steel Team LF Med/Demo/Pocket
  139. Post has been deleted
  140. Steel 6s Team LF Scout
  141. LF steel med NA
  142. Steel 6's Team looking for players.
  143. No Longer Looking!
  144. Mid/High Steel 6's team looking for scout, demo, and subs
  145. Times New Roman Steel 6s LF Medic
  146. That's So Raisin is looking for a Roamer!
  147. Low/Mid Steel Team "High on Frags" LF backups for all classes.
  148. (High Steel) brb, hw is LF Demo and Subs!
  149. Steel Team LF demo
  150. Join a new 6s team!
  151. New steel team for fun! NEED BACKUPS
  152. Steel Team > LFP!
  153. Need a Demo for team.
  154. New Team(S14) LF Scouts, Demo and All Backups
  155. LF Demo&Medic
  156. Times New Roman LF Steel Demo and Scout
  157. str8^ LF Pocket and Medic
  158. Flyers Go Higher LF Passive Scout and backups
  159. Looking for Pocket and Scout
  160. New Steel Team looking for Demo and backups/all classes
  161. The Name of the Game | LF High Steel 6s Scout
  162. Color Me Trucks LF Backups
  163. Disregard disregard disregard
  164. Steel Team Looking For Backups, Mainly Soldiers
  165. Space Hoops eSports - No longer LFP
  166. Lf subs for every class except roamer
  167. LF Scout Demo or Med
  168. lf demo steel
  169. Steel 6's LF med
  170. TRUST US Low Steel/High Iron team LF Pocket
  171. (Anti-Oxidants) LF 6s High-Steel Pocket/Roamer/Demo Subs
  172. And now looking for roamer or demo (again!)
  173. The Best Team Looking for Players
  174. Lf: Roamer solly. Pocket solly and demo (also main caller)
  175. Blackout City LF SUBS
  176. Steel Team LF Backups (Solly, Scout and Demo)
  177. LFP demo, sollies, med
  178. Silver/steel team looking for scouts/roamer, with a catch!
  179. Looking for a medic
  180. Steel Team Looking for backup Pocket and Demo.
  181. Steel team LF scout & pocket (also backups)
  182. Mid/High Steel Team Looking for EVERYONE! (exept roam) :3
  183. The Name of the Game LF Steel 6s Pocket
  184. LF Steel Backup Demos and Soldiers
  185. Questionable Ethics Looking for 6s steel soldiers
  186. Steel team LF Pocket, Demo, Medic and subs
  187. Six Sigma looking for Players
  188. Euphoria Maximus lf Back up Pocket and Roamer
  189. LF Steel Demoman! NA
  191. LF demoman, pocket and scout SUB
  192. LF Demoman and Scout (High on Frags 6vs6)
  193. Lf demo + scout high steel
  194. New Steel Team LF Experienced players (Season 14/15) ALL SPOTS TAKEN
  195. Lf subs
  196. Found a replacement, thanks anyway.
  197. Steel team looking for players
  198. LF Steel Scout!
  199. LF Scout and Roamer
  200. Flyers Go Higher LF Pocket and Backups