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  1. Not looking anymore.
  2. Casual UGC Steel Team wanted (All classes but scout and spy)
  3. (IRON) HL Clan LOOKING FOR PLAYERS (heavy, demo, sniper)
  4. West Euro Steel team looking for players for season 10
  5. 9MIG | LF Steel HL subs
  6. The Drunk Wizards LF Subs
  7. New team looking for subs
  8. C² - Chromosone Crew - Looking for player(s).
  9. [IRON] [EU] Offensive Classes Wanted! (Scout, Soldier, Pyro)
  10. |=sa=| we need more players!
  11. [IRON] Looking for a engi for the team, -BANG, You're Dead-
  12. New STEEL Team Searching alot of classes!!
  13. New members Searched
  14. ESE looking for some subs
  15. Looking for subs asap(steel)
  16. [STEEL] Looking for a medic ASAP
  17. HIGH STEEL TEAM, looking for a good solly asap
  18. Looking for emergency subs!
  19. New team looking for starters.
  20. Team looking for /Engineer/
  21. New Spanish Team looking for a Sniper (STEEL)
  22. 9MIG LF steel scout and heavy for Fall season
  23. Up-Coming Team looking for players!
  24. High Steel Team Looking for Main Medic + Subs
  25. Steel team looking for subs
  26. Steel team looking for subs!
  27. TEAM tha evill wankas LOOKING FOR SUBS ( NO MEDICS AND DEMOS )
  28. New Steel team looking for players! TK - The Kings
  29. Building a Highlander team, looking for players!
  30. Slightly experienced steel team looking for a new medic
  31. Steel HL Team Looking for a Main Pyro and a few subs!
  32. Flying Knights Steel Highlander Team (EU) Looking for main sniper and subs.
  33. Steel HL team looking for main scout + Subs -TK- The Kings
  34. Found Players
  35. New steel team looking for main demoman!
  36. Steel team looking for subs!
  37. Nothing
  38. Retracted
  39. UGC Steel team looking for main Heavy
  40. new starting team need main pyro and demo and subs
  41. New steel team looking for main engineer
  42. Team looking for a s3xy medic
  43. Steel team looking for main Engineer and 7 subs!
  44. steel team need many subs ( 7-9 )
  45. Highlander team looking for main medic, main solly, sub sniper
  46. New team looking for many classes
  47. Its an iron team eu , there is no iron forums
  48. New team (steel) looking for sub sniper, engineer and heavy!
  49. team looking for scout, sniper , pyro , medic and a lot subs
  50. steel team need main demoman, sniper and medic. we are good team
  51. Steel HL Team Looking for a Main Spy!
  52. HL team looking for team - UGC Steel
  53. New EU HL team looking for main engie
  54. SUBS for a mid-high Steel team
  55. New steel team (aiming for high steel)
  56. Steel team LF Medic
  57. Established team looking for a demo and heavy
  58. Luck3rs looking for a new main scout!
  59. Looking for Substitutes with potential for games as well :D
  60. Mid Steel team LF main demo + multi-class subs
  61. disregard this thread
  62. Steel Team in search of subs
  63. New high iron, low steel team looking for players. EU.
  64. [disclosed][disclosed]
  65. Nor -High steel/low silver -Engineer/Sniper
  66. EU HL Team Looking for Heavy
  67. EU Higlander IRON team looking for every class. Main and subs!!
  68. Recruiting subs and mains for iron mid, only if you are from Israel
  69. [CLOSED] Tactical Retreat ESports LF Spy, Pyro, Soldier, Heavy
  71. Low Steel/High Iron Looking for Medic and Heavy
  72. [No Longer looking for Medic] (Will reopen if needed)
  73. Murphsn looking for main soldier/scout and subs for every class
  74. Needed heavy and demo main ! Steel team
  75. Veally Hinzy Looking for Medic
  76. Looking for a main caller heavy
  77. Found player
  78. Team LFT Medic, Heavy Engineer and demoman
  79. Player found - no longer looking.
  80. Boys from the North looking for main pyro!
  81. Steel team looking for a main Soldier
  82. Steel team LF main Heavy
  83. steel team lf engie
  84. post closedaaaaa
  85. thread closed
  86. NEW Steel Team [OIG] LF Soldier and Demoman
  87. New Steel team looking for players
  88. High Steel team looking for a Medic
  89. Looking for Sub Members and an engie
  90. Steel Team wFwt Looking for Subs!
  91. The Chosen ones are back!
  92. Steel team LF subs
  93. Highlander Team With Experienced Players Looking For Main Scout and Main Demo
  94. Chemists looking for a Heavy main
  95. (Position has been filled) New HL team needs a soldier main!
  96. Steel team looking for Steel/Silver engineer
  97. Highlander team looking for pyro!
  98. Experienced Steel Highlander Team looking for Subs
  99. LF decent Heavy (main or sub)
  100. LF Strong Leader
  101. Done
  102. Team LF a lot of subs!
  103. Sexy Steel team looking for subs!
  104. delete this post pls
  105. New team looking for all classes **EXCEPT SPY, HEAVY, & SNIPER**
  106. ClockWorks' Looking For Main Hoovy!
  107. Looking for subs ONLY
  108. post clooosed
  109. LF Pyro
  110. Looking for GERMAN players
  111. LF Experienced Subs!
  112. Steel team looking for demos
  113. Steel/Low Silver LF Heavy [CLOSED]
  114. Brand New Steel Team Looking For Good Players
  115. New steel team looking for all classes
  116. Experienced Steel Team Looking for Engie
  117. New Steel team w/experienced players looking for good pyro main and subs
  118. Steel team looking for subs!
  119. [Not Currently Looking]
  120. New team is looking for some subs!!!
  121. Steel Team, Pyro + Heavy + Medic Mains needed!
  122. Steel Team Looking for a Main Engi and Demo, subs also wanted.
  123. Seasoned Team Looks for a new Engie main.
  124. Looking for subs of all classes!!!!
  125. Fun team needs pretty much everything
  126. LFP Heavy, Sub Demo and Engineer
  127. Looking for subs to join team :)
  128. New steel team looking for players
  129. New Steel Team looking for players!
  130. I main sniper.looking for serious team.i have a mic!!!!!!!
  131. Looking for several subs!
  132. UGC Steel Team, Looking for good players.
  133. ugc team lf scout
  134. Weeb Dream Team looking for a main Heavy!
  135. Team searching for sub players!! :D
  136. Looking for Main Demo!
  137. Team looking for several classes
  138. Steel team looking for Pyro and Sniper
  139. Looking for Scout Main, subs for various classes.
  140. Steel Team Looking for a Demo main
  141. Steel Team Looking for a Main Scout
  142. experienced scout
  143. The Weeb Dream Team are recruiting subs!
  144. Looking for a Sniper, Demo and Engie
  145. Looking for a few subs!
  146. Looking for Heavy, Demo, Spy. S16.
  147. Looking for Heavy main and Heavy and Engie subs
  148. Looking for Subs
  149. New team LFP Scout, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper + All-Subs
  150. Looking for sniper and heavy!
  151. Looking for a heavy!
  152. #tV LFP and subs
  153. LF Demo main, and various subs
  154. Looking for Engie main
  155. LFP Pyro and Solly main + Subs HL
  156. LFP Engie, Solly MAIN + SUBS
  157. LFP Demo
  158. LFP Spy main + subs
  159. #tV LF Heavy and Soldier subs
  160. LFP Spy and Engineer
  161. LFP Spy, Sniper and Pyro
  162. Looking for heavy
  163. Spy main!looking for team !
  164. LFP Heavy - Urgent
  165. We are looking for a snipermain
  166. LF all classes plus subs
  167. LF Scout,Heavy,Engie,Medic,Sniper,Spy + All Subs
  168. LF an expirienced spy
  169. LF Spy + Some Subs
  170. LF Scout + Some Subs
  171. LFP Steel
  172. LFP Steel Season 17
  173. LF High Steel/Low Silver Main Med Season 17
  174. Lfp scout, solly, spy + some subs
  175. LF Steel Pyro, Medic, Sniper and Spy
  176. Lf heavy main + subs
  177. LF Pyro/Demo/Med and Subs
  179. LF Experienced subs
  180. LFP Demo + Subs
  181. LF Demo/Pyro/Subs
  182. European Iron winners looking for players to join for next steel season
  183. Lfp steel subs mainly
  184. Lfp steel subs
  185. LF steel demo
  186. LFT Experienced spy
  187. Looking for Steel Demo, Solly and Scout
  188. LF Steel Med and potentially a spy
  189. LF All class mains + Subs!
  190. LF Most Classes + Subs
  191. LFP Heavy main
  192. Looking for Engineer And soldier MAIN + all subs.
  193. I am putting a team together
  194. Looking for a heavy
  195. Looking for Main Solly
  196. Looking for a Sub Scout
  197. Lookin 4 steel hoovy
  198. Reviving my older team and we need a few classes
  199. Looking for main demo and subs
  200. EU. Steel. Looking for Main Engie and subs.