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  1. Looking for solly and maybe a heavy EU hl iron
  2. Team Team looking for backups!
  3. IAATG Jr. LF main and assist players
  4. Crazy Ivan looking for players
  5. Friends gang lfp steel
  6. Looking for a team
  7. RTP HL team LFP
  8. Pyro looking for a job, nice and crispy
  9. The Nigel Thornberry Experience need more players!
  10. LF team. Play best as: Engineer/Pyro
  11. looking for team
  12. Last Minute
  13. Hl steel need a spy and sniper
  14. rub!X looking for new players!
  15. IAATG² (EU Steel) LF Engineer
  16. Heavy and Soldier needed
  17. Looking for a team!
  18. Rage-Solly - demo
  19. Already Average / steel / Scout, Heavy, Engineer
  20. eXtincts (EU Steel ) - Looking for main demoman
  21. carry needed
  22. New EU Steel Team Looking for Demo Main and Backups!
  23. New Highlander team!
  24. eXtincts ( EU Steel ) LF - sub heavy & soldier
  25. LFPlayers Scout/Sniper/medic/pyro
  26. LF Spy 1-3 div. (platinum)
  27. EoE LF almost every class
  28. New HL Team LF Soldier, Pyro, Demo, Heavy and Engie
  29. Plat team itsallgood looking for Solly/Heavy
  30. Team Team LFP: A Medic and backups.
  31. Steel team looking for Heavy
  32. EU Steel LF sniper
  33. Looking for players!
  34. EU HL Team Looking for players!
  35. Wolves of Anatolia: LF Engineer
  36. {S.G.T} Looking for players
  37. Skull-Planets LFP
  38. Vicious Vipers™ Highlander STEEL LF Engi, Pyro, Demo and Medic
  39. EU HL team is looking for players!
  40. skull planet needs players!
  41. The eXtincts - LF Engie & Med
  42. New EU Highlander team looking for subs/back-ups
  43. Skull Planet LF scout, pyro, demoman and subs
  44. Pub Stompers LF scout, sniper, spy
  45. EU highlander team looking for Demo (etf2ldiv6)
  46. SoaS is Rebuilding and we need YOU!
  47. The eXtincts LF : Soldier
  48. Team looking for backup players STEEL
  49. EU Silver (?) Team is Looking for Players!
  50. KSV (steel) is looking for Soldiers, Demomen, Pyros and Engineers
  51. Fun team looking for Div 6 heavy (or above ;) we're not picky)
  52. New team looking for inexperienced players!!
  53. YJGP highlander steel - Looking for a pyro.
  54. One Round Wonders(1RW) - Looking for players.
  55. Team Team (Steel) - LF Main Medic, Solly
  56. UGC Steel team looking for demo/heavy/medic
  57. CrySomeMore EU steel team LF Heavy
  58. Chaotech EU steel looking for sniper
  59. HL team looking for french players (low-)
  60. "no aim" looking for members - germans prefered
  61. Laid back team looking for players
  62. That awkwrd moment LF Med (platinum)
  63. New Team LFP! *steel*
  64. [Platinum]Pick up the Paste: Looking for a Sniper
  65. Platinum team looking for subs - The Sand Witches
  66. New Team Looking for soldier
  67. -=Crazy=- Looking for a highlander team :)
  68. Low soldier looking for a laid back team
  69. Looking for a low team.
  70. New EU hl team lfp! Tourettes Chessclub needs you
  71. In need of a heavy
  72. Raw Deal LF Plat / D2-3 Demoman
  73. Looking for low level team!
  74. Silver Team LF Medic
  75. Steel HL team lf demo + subs!
  76. French Euro New Team LF : Pyro, Sniper & Heavy
  77. New highlander team
  78. |Iron div|EU| Looking for players (Scout Pyro Demoman Engineer Sniper)|
  79. Serious Business searching for subs.
  80. Looking for members for a tf2 hl team
  81. Platinum team LF main soldier
  82. Team Team(steel) looking for backups
  83. Hot singles near you want to chat (#SDW)
  84. EU HL Silver team - LF Soldier. Demoman. Sniper. Heavy.
  85. PPP - EU HL Div 5 Team LF Sub Medic
  86. F'ob from silver is looking for Medic.
  87. New high div team (2/3) looking for players.
  88. low level solly, engie looking for a team
  89. EU steel team LF subs
  90. Bright New Steel Highlander Team
  91. Looking for higher level players, various classes
  92. Tourettes Chessclub(steel) is looking for an engineer!
  93. New EU HL Team LFP!
  94. SSMM(Steel) LF Medic
  95. New Highlander Team Looking for Players (Steel)
  96. Low level Scout LFT
  97. Closed
  98. Div 2/3 team looking for medic, & subs
  99. team eXtremists looking for medic/heavy/engi/demo
  100. Banana Havoc recruiting people in 10 minutes
  101. LF solly asap
  102. EU Silver Crysomemore LF Solly/medic and a heavy
  103. Dont Really Care -DRC- looking for subs ASAP.
  104. Theoretical Gamers (mid steel) looking for sub/possibly main sniper
  105. Finnish div 6 hl team looking for subs and maybe main scout!
  106. Spirits in a Shell LF div2+/High UGC Plat Demoman
  107. Team MeanMode | EU SILVER | LF SUBS [Pyro, Spy, others]
  108. Highlander Steel Team looking for Heavy & Medic
  109. no aim HIGHLANDER [not looking atm]
  110. 1rw looking for a heavy to finish the season
  111. SSMM(Steel) LF Demo & Heavy
  112. Looking for a Steel Sniper for next season
  113. HL Team -SB- LF Div.4 Heavy
  114. thz- looking for Pyro
  115. Hlni | dont need anyone now!!!!!
  116. New Steel HL Team looking for Demo/Heavy/Medic (UK)
  117. Looking for a Steel Engi for next season
  118. New HL Clan Searching Players
  119. European Iron Div LFP
  120. Tourettes Chessclub, div 4/silver lf subs!
  121. Th.G [steel] looking for demo/heavy/sniper
  122. Crysomemore looking for subs EU silver/div 4
  123. New High Steel-Silver Team Looking For Players
  124. Player new to competive needing a team
  125. pb. (high steel) looking for medic + subs
  126. Team Total Overcast looking for players
  127. Serious Business -SB- searching for subs. (SILVER div.)
  128. Go! recruiting 2 subs for s10!
  129. Looking for a High Silver Heavy + 9 Sub Players!
  130. Looking for an EU Steel Medic, Pyro and Engi
  131. Team IKEA LF main Engi and Scout and Allrounder subs (Mid-Steel?)
  132. Not looking anymore.
  133. Casual UGC Steel Team wanted (All classes but scout and spy)
  134. rub!X Highlander | Steel/Div6 | Looking for Heavy, Spy, Demo, Solly and Subs
  135. Tourettes Chessclub, high div 4/silver lf subs!
  136. New steel team looking for players for UGC Summer season [Pyro, engi, sniper, spy]
  137. Minty Masters AN IRON DIV. CLAN LOOKING FOR PLAYER OF ALL CLASSES (not engi,spy)
  138. In The Rain ☂ | UGC Steel EU | LF Subs
  139. Talking Team Total Overcast looking for subs
  140. SSMM - Silver - LF main heavy
  141. LF Medic, maincaller, div 3/4, silver
  142. New Low Steel Team, .slow, is looking for a Heavy + Subs
  143. Iron
  144. (IRON) HL Clan LOOKING FOR PLAYERS (heavy, demo, sniper)
  145. [.Csm] Crysomemore - Looking For Subs (& Main Soldier <--- Details Inside)
  146. Steel Team LF Engi, Spy, Demo, Solly and Sniper
  147. West Euro Steel team looking for players for season 10
  148. Stacked [Platinum] LF experienced P
  149. Stacked [Platinum] LF experienced P
  150. 9mig lf steel hl subs
  151. 9MIG | LF Steel HL subs
  152. Team MeanMode - Looking for Subs S10/11 UGC
  153. Steel Team LF Engi and Sniper
  154. The Drunk Wizards LF Subs
  155. New team looking for subs
  156. C² - Chromosone Crew - Looking for player(s).
  157. [IRON] [EU] Offensive Classes Wanted! (Scout, Soldier, Pyro)
  158. |=sa=| we need more players!
  159. New Team LF subs!
  160. GGeuhl looking for subs! (plat/silver)
  161. #SDW looking for plat heavy/med/engie
  162. Steel Team LF Engi
  163. [IRON] Looking for a engi for the team, -BANG, You're Dead-
  164. New STEEL Team Searching alot of classes!!
  165. Looking For Players ugc steel
  166. Lf ugc plat demo (backup)
  167. Handsome Rogues LF Subs
  168. New members Searched [STEEL]
  169. New members Searched
  170. Team Total Overcast is looking for a Soldier - EU Silver/Div 4
  171. One Round Wonders[Platinum] LF either heavy/med and a demo.
  172. One Round Wonders[Platinum] LF either heavy/med and a demo.
  173. ESE looking for some subs
  174. Platinum Stacked -st- looking for demo to main until end of June, or longer possibly
  175. Team IKEA (High Steel) Looking for main Sniper
  176. T-A!: Sigma (Plat, Div 3) LF Mains AND Subs
  177. Platinum team seeking a main engineer ASAP.
  178. Platinum Stacked -st- looking for MAIN Engineer.
  179. UGC Steel Pyro Looking for Team
  180. German team looking for German players (Soldier,Pyro,Heavy,Sniper) (Steel)
  181. Platinum - Tourettes Chessclub - Looking for pyro
  182. Looking for subs asap(steel)
  183. GGeuhl looking for Plat Solly and Engineer
  184. [STEEL] Looking for a medic ASAP
  185. [SILVER] Serious Business -SB- searching for DEMO and MEDIC.
  186. HIGH STEEL TEAM, looking for a good solly asap
  187. SSMM Looking for Silver Medic for the rest of the season
  188. VD (UGC silver/div 5) LF main demo
  189. Looking for emergency subs!
  190. Platinum - Tourettes Chessclub - Looking for soldier
  191. New team looking for starters.
  192. Team looking for /Engineer/
  193. [Silver] LF main medic and a few all-around subs.
  194. [Platinum] Tourettes Chessclub
  195. New Spanish Team looking for a Sniper (STEEL)
  196. 9MIG LF steel scout and heavy for Fall season
  197. 9MIG LF steel scout and heavy for Fall season
  198. New steel team LF engie and pyro
  199. Up-Coming Team looking for players!
  200. uFrag.eu :: Seeking New Roster