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  1. CR looking for dudes
  2. DEATHFORCE9☠ Looking for a Spy
  3. ga lf sniper+scout/all backups
  4. TG looking for backup soldier/scout/demo
  5. PLAT - The Rustlers looking for Soldier and Demo Season 11
  6. High Voltage LF Players | Plat
  7. kLite LF Heavy/Pyro
  8. tLB LFPlayers
  9. new team lf heavy tryouts
  10. 9AM looking for backups
  11. New Team LF Scout, Pyro, and Spy + backups
  12. Deathforce9 looking for starting Heavy and sniper
  13. Huntiltion - Major Need Of Players
  14. 9AM looking for starter heavy
  15. Huntiltion - S11 Quick Setup Need Players!
  16. Top Gluttons LF Engineer & Soldier
  17. New #1 team na lfp
  18. Dead Ringer Storage need soldier pls
  19. Looking for team members and replacements
  20. bonus! LF Starting Engi/Backup Heavy
  21. eBm LFP Multiclass Backups!
  22. S13 Plat Quick Setup
  23. Syfy Looking for Backups
  24. honk! Looking for Backups
  25. drs lf med starter
  27. wu^ LF sniper
  28. wu^ LF scout/solly backups
  29. Funkblasters Low-Mid Plat LF Soldier
  30. wu^ scout or solly
  31. TG LF Plat Scout
  32. NO LONGER Chill Penguins LFP (S15)
  33. Wu^ lf solly
  34. mtn lf med/scout backups
  35. mtn lf med
  36. Platinum/Premiership team LF Spy
  37. Platinum/Premiership team LF medic
  38. Glory/Tension/vG/EVL Looking for Starter Sniper.
  39. New Organisation LFP s19
  40. 4RAR Gaming Looking to Enter NA in Style!
  41. dog1 looking to enter HL in style!
  42. appel lfp sub demo
  43. LFP Low/Mid Plat Engie.
  44. DragonTales LFP Subs
  45. bote lf backup sniper
  46. very serious and professional ugc team looking for players
  47. DragonTales looking for backup medic and demo.
  48. PLM looking for Engie and others
  49. EVL LF Demo
  50. Lfp plat s20
  51. Platinum s20, looking for heavies and medics
  52. looking for players with low expectations for a plat team
  53. new team LFP most classes
  54. LFP PLAT PEOPLE (good players only)
  55. lfp top plat s21
  56. LFP s21
  57. New plat team lf dedicated players
  58. lfp platinum gamers (not noobs)
  59. memento mori lfp
  60. New Team LFP S21
  61. S21 New plat team looking for players
  62. high plat lfp pyro/med/subs
  63. s21 lfp platinum
  64. Second Wind: Low Plat Team LFP S21
  65. College of the Spy Mains
  66. Mid-High plat team LF People
  67. PISSCHUGGERS lfp plat
  68. Shooting Blanks LFP Subs
  69. supreme esports LFP s21 platinum
  70. Abride REEEsports LFP s21 platinum
  71. Worst Plat Team LFP S21
  72. LFP Demo Because we got moved up to plat
  73. LFP Scout Main and Subs - Swift Inc.
  74. LFP Demoman, Sniper, And subs
  75. LFP - Demo, Spy, Soldier [Low Plat]
  76. LFP Almost every class
  77. Bob Squad (Old Gaming) LFP S22
  78. Mid-plat team LFP S22
  79. Second Wind LFP S22 Low-Mid Plat
  80. Fast Forward LFP Sniper + Backups for every class (mid plat)
  81. D&D's Nuts lfp s22
  82. ignorant By Nature! LFP s22
  83. plat LF med + subs potentially
  84. mid plat lfp subs
  85. 9AM is back boys
  86. Envision Crew LFP Plat HL
  87. Second Wind LFP S23 Mid-Plat
  88. saving lieutenant lemons LFP low-mid plat s23
  89. Fast Forward LF Pyro S23
  90. TroLL Pumpkiin eSports LF subs
  91. Chill Penguins looking for engineer
  92. Aplbes lf Soldier
  93. LF Soldier Pyro Demo Main
  94. Bv looking for dedicated demo sub
  95. lft low plat sniper
  96. Shark Boys LFP s24
  97. lfp scout/soldier/pyro/demo/pootis/med/spy
  98. Wall^ lfp
  99. LFP Platinum
  100. LFP plat s24
  101. 9 angry men lfp
  102. Chill Penguins lfp s24
  103. Second Wind LFP S24 Mid-Plat
  104. lfp s24
  105. No Breaks UGC LF Subs S24
  106. LF Scout and Heavy Main
  107. Lfp 2stings s24
  108. lfp plat hl
  109. DpM LF Heavy
  110. Tsla lfp
  111. WALL^ LFP Sniper