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  1. Untitled [NAHL-Silver] Looking for subs
  2. Looking for a steel heavy
  3. [HL-Silver]The Wild Party LF Heavy + Subs
  4. Rooks and Kings [Silver-HL] LF Backups (all classes)
  5. NFTG LF> Main Solly/Main Heavy
  6. [HL-Plat] ƒ² (FFN) LF Soldier + Spy
  7. Hale's Own Team 2.0 LF Backups
  8. Iron team LF pyro and engie
  9. New Mid Steel Team Looking For Heavy, backups
  10. Iron team looking for starting sniper and backups
  11. HL Silver team Laides love looking for players
  12. Team Team looking for backups!
  13. Silver HL Team Ladies Love wants you
  14. New Steel team looking for Scout/Sniper/Heavy/Backups
  15. Rayleigh Scattering LF Demo, Heavy, Med, and Engi
  16. Iron team looking for Pyro, heavy and backup spy
  17. IFA Silver HL looking for starting medic.
  18. Looking for a team read for info
  19. [HL-Plat] Land Before Time looking for Backup spy
  20. HL-Iron LoGS LF Starting Solly and Multi-class Backups
  21. Steel - LF > Pyro and Heavy
  22. [HL Silver] Fave Five LF main med and backups
  23. MAXlander LF Subs
  24. Steel UGC Team needs a Engie and Sniper!
  25. iron lf ALL CLASSES
  26. [HL - Steel] LF > Reserves
  27. LFstarting medic,soldier,scout,and demo Iron
  28. [HL-Steel] LF Sniper, Backups
  29. [HL Silver+] Quality Control LF Scout or Medic
  30. [HL-Silver]The Wild Party LF Demoman + Engy
  31. [HL-Iron] Looking for Back Ups
  32. HL Plat - LF backups and Starting Solly
  33. Top Silver - Exodus Society - LF Heavy, Engineer, possibly Soldier
  34. LF Starter Spy, Scout and Engineer (back-ups for everything else)
  35. LF Pyro Demoman Scout and Utilities to backup (low experience)
  36. LF: Pyro, Medic and Backups
  37. LFT Starter/Backup spy, hlsteel
  38. [HL-STEEL] LF: Soldier and Backups
  39. [HL-Plat] Land Before Time looking for backup heavy and other classes
  40. [HL-Iron]-Utinni- LF starters in all classes except pyro & scout
  41. The Uber Peeps(RECRUITING) Medics,Heavys,And Soliders
  42. Looking for backups for every class except pyro! HL Iron
  43. Good Scout looking for team
  44. [HL-Steel] LF: Starters and Reserves
  45. [HL Steel] BiT LF backups for most classes
  46. [IRON]LF backups (possibility to move to starter)
  48. \\CM//, The Company Menn are looking for back-ups (and maybe a Solly)
  49. Need players and backups for ugc iron
  50. MMS Midnight Muffin Stuffers LF BACKUPS!
  51. FM - Fat Marmots Looking for players.
  52. Iron Team LF Scout and backups
  53. IFA high Steel HL looking for starting pyro
  54. Serenity Crew - High Silver - Looking for Backup Space Cowboys
  55. Third Impact [3i] - Need backups, engy, and demo, US east iron
  56. Secondhand Mercenaries is LF backups! (Steel)
  57. [HL-Silver] Team Mantrain, Recruiting
  58. [HL - Iron] [NFTG] Not for the Glory: LF Heavy Main; Demo, Engie, Sniper, Medic Subs
  59. [HL-Iron][DA]The Death_Alliance:Looking for Engi,Demo,Medic and Scout
  60. [HL-Iron] Looking for Demo, and Subs
  61. HL Iron - Looking for Heavy
  62. [HL-Silver] Ladies love looking for Scout Soldier Sniper and Demo
  63. DK (High Steel) Looking for starting heavy
  64. [EU] lft any class
  65. [VVV] Looking for engy!
  66. HL-Iron LF Engineer
  67. [HL-Iron] Logs highlander team looking for starting Sniper and multiclass backups.
  68. [HL-Iron] The Chronic Argonauts- LF starting heavy, engineer & sniper
  69. Love Handels is looking for backups!
  70. [HL-Silver] Chain Reaction Looking for Backups
  71. -=S_K=- Samurai Kittens - Looking for urgent backups for all classes
  72. Need EVERY CLASS backups (no exp needed)
  73. looking for backups for almost every class
  74. [HL- NA Silver] The Last Bosses need Backups
  75. [HL-Iron] Logs highlander team looking for starting Demoman and any backups/subs
  76. Hales Own Team 2.0 Recurting
  77. [HL-Iron] Looking for back ups for all except Sniper and Medic
  78. [HL-IRON] NFTG Looking For Good Engi Main!
  79. Love Handels looking for a SOLDIER!
  80. [HL-High Steel] ToB LF Dedicated Multiclass Backups
  81. Hl NA Scummy bears needs sub medic (SILVER)
  82. [HL-High Steel] TSI: The Spanish Inquisition - Looking for a starting soldier
  83. RANCH is recruiting? What?!
  84. üN | Untitled [HL-Silver] Looking for reliable engineer
  85. Evil Beastly Minions | High Steel | LF Backups | NOW WITH VIDEOS!
  86. need backups (no comp experinace required)
  87. LF Engie, Spy & Subs for my Highlander Team.
  88. Looking for Engy and Demo.
  89. [HL-NA Iron Div.] Need Backups
  90. `ish Recruiting Players
  91. Magnolia Thunderkitty LF backups (Steel)
  92. Need a Good High Steel Engi
  93. VVV looking for backups
  94. Killer Care Bears [Silver-HL] Recruiting!
  95. üN Looking for players thread.
  96. Serenity Crew - Silver - Looking for Engineer
  97. LF Sniper - Steel Red (ISH)
  98. Brushie (Silver) looking for emergency Scout and Backups
  99. Copyright | Silver | LFT Demo, Backups
  100. -bwh- [iron] Looking For Main Heavy, Pyro, Engie, Back ups of every class
  101. [HL-Iron] Logs highlander team looking for starting Heavy
  102. [HL-Plat] ƒ² LF Pyro + Pyro backup
  103. [HL-Silver] AP looking for Starter Engie and Sniper, all class / utility backups
  104. [HL-Silver] Tune Squad lf Engi, Spy, Pyro, Demo
  105. Smokey and the Bandits, Looking for Scouts and subs.
  106. ***^^^$$$!!!Silver HL LFM!!!$$$^^^***
  107. MAXlander LF Subs
  108. High Steel looking for SNIPER
  109. Save Our Precious Animuu~ SOPA~ Looking for Starter heavy
  110. Unnamed Team looking for members
  111. That's Respectable (Mid-High Steel) is Looking for a DEMO
  112. High-Steel Team LF> Scout (Midnight Muffin Stuffers)
  113. Backcap Butchers LF Players! (Silver)
  114. Mid-High Steel Medic Needed
  115. Chain Reaction [NA-Silver] Still Looking for Subs
  116. TSI - The Spanish Inquisition [Currently 1st place Steel.B] Looking for Backups
  117. [HL - Iron] Looking for Engie
  118. [HL-Silver] Looking for Starter Scout
  119. [STEEL] FTFO looking for a demoman
  120. Steel - Looking For Heavy
  121. Looking for people to start a new highlander team
  122. Save Our Precious Animuu~ SOPA~ Looking for a backup soldier!
  123. UGC Mid+ Iron team LF backups (will play more than usual backups)
  124. [HL-Steel] Zer0-2Her0: Lf Scout, Demo, Heavy, Engie, Pyro, Medic
  125. Mid Steel LF > Engie and Reserves
  126. [Plat]Gun Runners looking to bolster its reserves
  127. 2 Season Steel Team LF new players and subs.
  128. Team SOPA interested in a STARING HEAVY
  129. Love Handels looking for STARTER DEMO
  130. Little People Looking for Members -SLVR-
  131. DTF -High Steel Team- Looking for Backups
  132. [IGU] looking for Sniper(/demo?) [mid steel]
  133. UGC Steel team LF Main spy and backups
  134. low/mid Steel team Looking for starter Heavy
  135. Looking for players! (Iron)
  136. [HL-Steel] Spell Bound eSport LF > Reserves!
  137. We need a Heavy for an Iron team!
  138. High Steel looking for SNIPER/SCOUT
  139. [HL-Silver] LF medic
  140. UGC Steel HL NA LF starter Pyro
  141. [Iron] Highlander Team Recruiting
  142. Reservoir (NA Iron HL team) - Looking for a starting sniper!
  143. The Royal Tart Toters Looking for player
  144. [HL Silver]LF heavy
  145. Iron Team LF Starter Sniper
  146. HL- High Iron Team LF Solly/multiclass Backup
  147. HL - Looking For Players - Iron
  148. [HL-Iron] Egyptian-Zodiac is looking for Subs~
  149. Evil Beastly Minions (eBm) | High Steel | LF Backup Sniper (possible Starter)
  150. [High Silver HL] Serenity Crew looking for backup Heavy and Demoman
  151. [High Iron] [fuuq] Looking for Pyro & Backups
  152. Looking for players for American team.
  153. New Highlander team(IRON)
  154. Reservoir (NA HL Iron) Team looking for STARTING sniper!
  155. Retro Gamers(NA Silver) LF starting engie
  156. SAFF looking for main solly + backups!
  157. Steel Team LF Demo
  158. Fave Five[Silver] Looking for starting heavy
  159. [Steel Blue] LF starter heavy and backups for new team Hmmmm
  160. [HL - High Steel Blu] - Executables LF Backups
  161. [HL - Mid/Low Steel] Looking for Soldier/Heavy, Sniper, backups
  162. Looking for a demoman, engineer, and sniper
  163. [IRON] Need scout sub for 10/25/2012
  164. CUNNING STUNTS(steel red) LFP
  165. [Iron] Goof Troop looking for subs and a starter Scout
  166. New steel team recruting for next season
  167. Evil Beastly Minions (eBm) | Steel | LF Backups
  168. [Mid-iron] Rags is looking for backups (You'll get lots of playtime)
  169. [High Steel] Recruiting for Season 9
  170. New steel team looking for most classes
  171. Casa De Bullshit looking for players.
  172. [HL-Silver] Tune Squad lf Engi, Demo MAINS
  173. [Iron] New highlander team recruiting
  174. New team [Railgunners] are recruiting
  175. [HL-Iron] Looking for Demo,
  176. something clever? searching for Silver-calibre gamers for S9
  177. High Silver lf backups
  178. Mid-High Steel Heavy Needed - Insanity Suits Him/Her
  179. Iron Team LF players and backups
  180. Looking for high iron subs.
  181. NA HL Iron team, LF backups that could become starters.
  182. LF Heavy, Demo [HL Low Steel]
  183. LF Scout, Demo, Spy, Pyro, Engineer, Sniper [Steel]
  184. tilt looking for demo starter [iron]
  185. Mid-High Steel LF>Starters [Midnight Muffin Stuffers]
  186. [Iron] Looking for starter engie
  187. [HL-Steel | 6s-Steel] LF demo, backup sniper
  188. Steel Team, Needing Backups.
  189. [HL_Steel] Looking for Heavy + Backups
  190. [HL - High-Silver] Looking for backups!
  191. LF backups High Silver S9
  192. [HL Iron] LF players
  193. The Regime LF Sniper/Soldier (Gold/Plat only)
  194. TAW.net - [Iron] Looking For Highlander Players & Instructors
  195. team split after playoffs, looking for a few classes to fill in! starters/subs [IRON]
  196. Mid-High Steel Looking for Scout/Sniper
  197. Looking for starter heavy [IRON DIV] / Backups for all classes [iron]
  198. [HL-Plat] DMS LF BACKUPS S9
  199. High Mid Steel team LF starting Engie
  200. Looking for team (Pyro)