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  1. [Silver HL] Team Untitled LF Main and Backups
  2. Ghetto Afterthought lf demo (plat)
  3. Iron -- GGW -- Looking for Starting Demo
  4. [HL Iron] Looking Heavy+Backups
  5. Zer0-2-Her0 (Z2H) Looking for Experienced players. Highlander/Steel
  6. lf scout,heavy
  7. Iron Team Looking for Players!
  8. Dead By 9 |High Iron-Low Steel| LF Medic
  9. Need Engi, Sniper and Solly sub for STEEL
  10. remove
  11. Steel Team LF Players & Backups
  12. Gold team (Retro Gamers) looking for starting Engineer/Sniper/Soldier
  13. HIGH SILVER solly
  14. Iron | U.S. East| LF main Engy
  15. Iron Team Looking for Players
  16. [Steel HL] Antihero Collective looking for a Sniper main.
  17. North American New Team looking for players.
  18. -Iron- Looking for Demoman
  19. Silver Subs wanted
  20. LF Demoman Backup/Mentee
  21. [Silver] Tyro raid LF Main Medic & Scout
  22. [LFP][NA Iron] After School Animals Need Players
  23. [Steel HL] Cardiac Arrest LF Soldier
  24. [ASA] Looking for Scout, Heavy, and Engi! IRON
  25. DTF looking for starting Sniper or spy (high silver/Gold)
  26. LF mid-high steel demo
  27. Steel Team LF HEAVY
  28. Plat Team LF Demo and Pyro
  29. (Iron) - TAW.net Needs a Starting Heavy!
  30. [silver] f7 LF starting scout
  31. [ASA]Heavy, [IRON]
  32. Iron team LF Backups!
  33. Need Heavy Z2H HL Steel
  34. LF a Good heavy or Demo, mid-high steel.
  35. High Silver Scout+backups
  36. Iron Team LFBackups
  37. [Iron] - NA- New team Looking for 5 classes
  38. [Iron] Lf Starting Heavy
  39. Top gluttons looking for a starter pyro
  40. [Iron NA Eastern] Looking for Backups
  41. Potential Iron Team, looking for members [East NA] [ALL OPEN]
  42. [Iron] Looking for heavy.
  43. MM | Silver | LF Backups
  44. [IRON] Looking to fill gaps
  45. Steel Team looking for Backup demo+solly
  46. [STEEL] Looking for Heavy and backups.
  47. [Iron] - NA- New team Looking Back ups
  48. High Steel looking for backups
  49. [NA Steel] The Master Rusemen are looking for a backup Engineer
  50. Brain Dead Slugs Open Spots (Backups,Mains) [IRON]
  51. Tin Team LF Demoman, Soldier, Spy, Sniper, Pyro, and Medic
  52. HOOD OF THE PANTS looking for players
  53. New team lf demoman soldier medic pyro spy sniper
  54. HL NA iron teamLFP
  55. New Steel Team LF Scout and Sniper
  56. [STEEL] Looking for subs players- any role
  57. [Silver] ToU Violation LF Med+Demo Starter/Backup, and Multiclass backups.
  58. Plat Team LF Engineer Tryouts
  59. Join BDS
  60. High Steel LF Medic & Heavy ( Starter )
  61. [High Steel] Antihero Collective LF backup Heavy
  62. tilt high iron looking for starting heavy and all class backups
  63. Fairy Tale looking for starting Soldier (High Steel)
  64. High silver engi +backups
  65. [SILVER] projectX (pX) LF Scout/Util
  66. Need Heavy (Last Call) Z2H HL-Steel (Also Backups if interested.)
  67. Iron Team Looking for Medic!
  68. Dead By 9|High Iron/Low Steel| LF Medic/Backups
  69. [ASA][IRON] Looking for DEMO
  70. [high gold] Top gluttons looking for backup demo
  71. [Steel - Golden Gents] Looking for STARTER sniper!
  72. [ASA][IRON] Looking for DEMO and HEAVY
  73. Steel team LF Soldier
  74. [Gold] Retro is looking for a Heavy back-up!
  75. [HL Iron] LF backup sniper, spy
  76. [NFTG] Looking For Medic Main for Blue Steel
  77. LF Alts: Medic, Engie, Demo | [umbr] Iron
  78. {{PA}} Passive Agression (IRON) LF Starter Soldier, Starter Engie, Backup Demo!
  79. [Iron] LF Main Sniper
  80. [HL Iron] LF possible main heavy, backup sniper
  81. Pyro for steel
  82. IRON LF Starter Engineer
  83. [Iron] - NA- Looking for engi ASAP
  84. [High Steel] Antihero Collective LF Heavy main
  85. Turbine OGs recruiting heavy, engi, spy, and backups for s10!
  86. [Silver] Nine Wise Guys Searching For Starter Medic !
  87. [High Steel] Fairy Tale looking for Starter Scout and backup Pyro
  88. Highlander Iron Team Looking for Player Now!!
  89. Whyte Lyte looking for subs (Iron red)
  90. Chain Reaction LF [Plat/High Gold] Demo/Backups
  91. SnB LF NA east engi, iron
  92. NA Low Steel-SCB R>demo/pyro/engy/backups
  93. AlphaTango looking for Sniper, Engie, and Medic!
  94. [Steel] Turbine OGs LF> Heavy, Engi, and Spy MAINS!
  95. The Dollar Menu. Steel. Looking for Backup Scout!
  96. Sons of Liberty [Iron] LF Backups
  97. Last Minute Rejects - LFP - Iron
  98. [HL Iron] LF backups: sniper, solly, medic, engie
  99. Steel lf sniper and scout
  100. LF Low Iron Medic and backups
  101. LF Heavy backup | Iron
  102. Iron FL demo
  103. Bad News Bears - LF Engy/Backups (High Steel)
  104. [Iron] Looking for Demo
  105. LF Multiclass Alts! || [umbr] Iron
  106. [High Plat] BPM Looking for backup Spy
  107. need spy
  108. (High Iron) Horseshoes and Hand Grenades - Looking for starting sniper & backup pyr
  109. [Silver] Midnight Muffin Stuffers LF>Starting Soldier or Heavy + Backups
  110. [Iron] LF Main Scout
  111. [Steel] LF a solid scout
  112. Steel Team LF BACKUPS!
  113. Dead By 9 | High Iron - Low Steel | LF Pyro/Sniper/or Medic
  114. Engie Wanted (really Need Backups)| HL Steel- Z2H
  115. The Outcasts [Iron] Looking for Multiclass subs
  116. [STEEL] Looking for Mains/Backups.
  117. \\CM// (Steel) looking for an Engy!
  118. [ASA] IRON Looking for Starting Demo
  119. Need Med/Heavy + backups for High Iron team! -Ai-
  120. (CAP) Iron team looking for starting DEMOMAN
  121. Majority Rules - Sliver Team looking for Heavy and Demo
  122. f7 looking for Engie
  123. [Steel] Antihero Collective LF Sniper Starter
  124. [Plat] CR Looking for Starting Medic
  125. [Gold] . Looking for Backup Pyro/Engi/All
  126. New HL team?
  127. [HL Iron] LF Sniper, Pyro, Engie, Scout
  128. [Gold] Looking for a starting soldier
  129. Steel team looking for main medic or soldier and backups
  130. Nox Caedis (Low Steel) - LF Medic/Scout/Demo/all backups
  131. [IRON] LF Starting Heavy or Starting Demoman
  132. Ringing/sub Pyro HL Iron division
  133. High Steel Team looking for Demo and Heavy Main
  134. Brand New Steel Team Playing in Season 10 LFP
  135. HoT looking for MEDIC HEAVY PAIR!
  136. HL Iron LF heavy
  137. High Silver team LF starting Engie and backups!
  138. Add me
  139. Looking for a player?
  140. New Iron team LF demo, heavy and backups
  141. [Silver] Nine Wise Guys - Searching for a Solid Starter Demoman!
  142. SBC-Steel LF engy and scout main
  143. [Silver] ToB LF Dedicated Multiclass Backups
  144. TeamSteveGaming LFP for Season 10 Iron Division!
  145. Iron Team LF New Spy!
  146. New Iron Team Looking for All Starters Except Solly!
  147. Looking for subs - Gold team
  148. Iron Team LF Engie
  149. LF > HIGH Steel Spy
  150. [Gold] MAXlander recruiting for backups.
  151. Looking for a player?
  152. Low-Steel Team looking for spy, sniper, and backups
  153. [Iron Red] Sons of Liberty Looking for a few more backups
  154. [Gold] Literally borderling platinum. Pyro players pl0x
  155. Need players like naow
  156. A Silver Lining LF players NOW
  157. TEA & STRUMPETS Looking for some fabulous people [Silver]
  158. [Steel] Bastards of the North S10 - LF Backups
  159. [IRON] (KSG)Bamboozled LF Engineer
  160. Rags looking for main engineer [Mid+ steel]
  161. [HL-Steel] Looking for Scout and Sniper for Season 11 (Next Fall)
  162. Goof Troop [Steel] Looking For Starter Scout
  163. Low/Mid Steel team looking for heavy/medic
  164. [Mid Steel] Terrible Damage LF Backups (and possibly starters)
  165. [HL-Steel] Looking for Engineer and subs
  166. [Gold] literally borderline platinum LF possible MAIN Demoman
  167. sPIro (Low/Mid Silver HL) looking for starting Scout
  168. (Silver team) Railgunners are hiring!
  169. New Red Iron HL Team LF Soldier!
  170. [HL Iron] Redacted looking for low to mid Iron players.
  171. Iron (Red) LF Main Medic
  172. Fairy Tale Steel LF SCOUT
  173. IRON LF Backups
  174. [IRON] New team; looking for backups. No competitive experience required.
  175. LF Starter Demoman - Low Steel
  176. [Silver] ToB LF Dedicated Multiclass Backups
  177. Done.
  178. Goof Troop [Steel] Looking For Starter Demoman
  179. (Steel Blue) K├Ânige LF Starter Pyro
  180. We done here
  181. [High Steel] Fairy Tale Looking For Starter Engineer
  182. Iron Team LF- Demoman + Engineer
  183. [HL-Steel/(Possibly Silver)] Looking for Engineer and Pyro (and subs)
  184. [STEEL] LF: Engineer, Heavy, Pyro, Soldier.
  185. [Iron/Steel/Gold][HL][6v6] Team Metabyte Is Now Recruiting!
  186. \\CM// (Steel) is looking for a Sniper!
  187. The Cuties (No longer searching)
  188. [Silver] Midnight Muffin Stuffers LF>Starting Spy
  189. [Mid-High Iron] KaBoom! New Highlander Team S10 LFP!!!
  190. Looking For Iron Players
  191. SnB - High Iron - LF Medic
  192. SnB - High Iron - LF Solly
  193. Nope
  194. Iron Team [AM] LF- Demoman
  195. Iron - Team SilverPlat LF Backups
  196. DTF LF Starting PYRO & Sniper(GOLD)
  197. No longer trying out medics
  198. Done
  199. Smitty [high silver] LF Heavy Main
  200. bEnt - High Silver - Looking for french subs