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  1. Looking for players
  2. I'm recruiting a NEW team
  3. GL looking for Backups :)
  4. [FAC] Highlander Team - Recruitment
  5. LFHLT sniper
  6. Looking for Australian Players
  7. SBS is LF Med and Heavy
  8. Lantern
  9. SaTo LF Subs
  10. PTMC looking for players
  11. Looking for people to join MGP
  12. Lf - pro, skilled, fantastic, amazing sniper!!!!
  13. TeF - LF Players and Backups
  14. looking for players to join MGP
  15. Recruiting!!!!!!
  16. LF Highlander Team! (Sniper/Scout)
  17. SBS looking for core heavy or med
  18. AtD-LF Core Solly and Backups
  19. Lf - med/engi
  20. Looking For Soldier, Medic And Backups
  21. Looking For Backups
  22. Beer and Skittles LF Core Sniper and Heavy
  23. Looking for Subs in new Highlander team!
  24. coin needs a spy
  25. LF Some Team Members
  26. Looking for listed classes - Demo, Engie, Spy (Pros :P)
  27. LF Highlander Team - Sniper
  28. Looking for Additions for a new-ish Team
  29. Looking for new a new team
  30. Recruiting players new to competitive
  31. Highlander team needs HEAVY
  32. DuhAsian LFHLT
  33. Kings of the Earth HL Team, Looking for Players
  34. --MR-- Looking for pyro, engi and heavy
  35. Looking for Engineer and heavy for Highlander
  36. New HL team looking for experienced players.
  37. Highlander team DsE looking for players
  38. SBS, experienced platinum highlander team looking for an Engineer
  39. [WHASHU]Looking For Players Core/Sub
  40. Looking for Cores and Subs
  41. Notorious Underdogs, LFP
  42. --lft--
  43. LF Sub Engineer and Medic
  44. Since there seem to be a lacking number of teams, I'll make 1
  45. New team looking for players.
  46. LF Core Medic, Heavy
  47. LF demo
  48. Soulgasm Looking for Heavy
  49. LFP low level highlander players
  50. LF Medic Core
  51. LF experienced Pyro and demo
  52. PgO looking for somewhat experienced Heavy
  53. Looking for a HL engineer.
  54. LF Core Demo
  55. LFP - New Team Iron League
  56. Team Coach/Manager LFP
  57. LF Pyro, Med
  58. L4 players (next season)
  59. LFP low level steel
  60. AUS/NZ team looking for subs
  61. LFP - Returning from Retirement
  62. LF multiple cores
  63. AUS/NZ Looking for Subs
  64. V2, Aust Plat team LF eng or Med
  65. L4 experienced Pyro.
  66. LF Cores (Solly, Pyro, Sniper, Spy)
  67. LF medic
  68. LF heavy + Subs
  69. lol pubstrat ???
  70. Steel HL Team LF New Players
  71. LF Demo, Engineer, Medic, Sniper S16
  72. Lf core demo/med
  73. LF Heavy, Demoman, Sniper, Engineer+SUBS
  74. Lf: Engineer and subs!
  75. LF Cores and subs, Steel S16
  76. LF Core Engineer and Subs ASAP
  77. LF: All Classes (Mains) - New To Competitive Players are welcome.
  78. Lfp~scout/pyro/engie/spy/subs
  79. LF Plat players season 17
  80. LF Steel Engie + Subs
  81. S17 HL LFT Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Heavy
  82. LF Scout, Heavy, Sniper + subs
  83. LF: Demoman and Soldier: New to Competitive or Pub Players are welcome
  84. S17 HL LFP Medic, Pyro and SUBS
  85. LF All Classes | HL S17 New Players team | New previous experience needed
  86. LF experience med
  87. LF: Core Demo & Subs
  88. LF Players Steel! Most cores needed and all subs :)
  89. LF Steel Players!
  90. Looking for players.
  91. 4RAR Gaming Recruiting: TF2 Division
  92. New to comp looking for a team to learn
  93. looking for a hl team
  94. Looking for a Highlander Team - Spy
  95. Looking for a highlander team
  96. LF Plat Pyro and sub
  97. LF Highlander Steel Team // Spy
  98. ***LFP for All Classes except Engineer***
  99. Looking for a Core Engineer asap! Platinum
  100. New Steel Team Looking For Some Well Rounded/Class Subs Add Me If You Can Sub A Class
  101. New Steel Team Looking For Core Pyro
  102. LTF: New
  103. Looking for platinum Demo and Scout for S21.
  104. LFP highlander AU: Engineer, Scout, Soldier, Pyro and Demoman
  105. looking to play for a team
  106. New To Comp Scene
  107. LFP he steel div
  108. Delete this thread please
  109. Steel Highlander team looking for Scout and Pyro
  110. Delete this post
  111. LF Scout, Pyro, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper
  112. LFP Demo Main