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  1. Looking for Singaporian Team
  2. Looking for team in asia
  3. Looking for a team in Asia
  4. Looking for a team
  5. Looking for a Team
  6. Lookking for team
  7. Looking for Team
  8. Looking for team
  9. Looking for team in asia
  10. Xesor - Sniper/Spy - Asia
  11. Looking for a team
  12. Buttermelon - Pyro/Engineer - LFT
  13. Lookiing for teams
  14. Skinnie - Spy/Engineer - looking for a team
  15. Legend Killers recruiting!
  16. Looking for a team
  17. Looking for Team
  18. Looking for a team (SG)
  19. Looking for Team (preferably Singapore or Indonesia since its nearby)
  20. Looking for Highlander team
  21. Looking to join a team or make a new one, which ever comes first :D
  22. Looking for a team in asia!
  23. =Not So Much= RECRUITING
  24. Help a newbie out! Looking to get into Highlander!
  25. (Spy) Looks for a Highlander team
  26. Seasoned Demoman
  27. Asian HL PUG Group! (shameless plug)
  28. Looking to enter highlander [engineer]
  29. (spy)looking for new team
  30. Pyro looking for a Highlander team
  31. [INDIA] Looking for a team
  32. [Malaysia]Div 3-2 Pyro Looking For A HL Team
  33. Spy looking for team
  34. Soldier/Scout looking for Singapore team!
  35. Heavy/Engineer Looking for Team
  36. All Rounder Looking For A Highlander Team
  37. Sniper looking to get into HL
  38. Sniper, scout and Pyro back up LFT
  39. Spy/Sniper Backup Or Main Looking For Teams In Asia!
  40. NORWEGIAN WOOD - Season 12 Recruiting HL
  41. Beefy: Engy/Pyro Looking for team
  42. Sniper Looking For A Team!
  43. The highlander heavy who could - seizureā„¢
  44. Scout/Spy looking for team.
  45. Xesor ~ Sniper LFT
  46. Technox - Looking for a team in asia. Spy
  47. HL team looking for players
  48. Close to a all classer looking for a team.
  49. EL TACO DIABLO - Recruiting Players
  50. Above-average Soldier looking for team
  51. Team Nexus-Recruiting!
  52. 89h playtime scout looking to enter HL
  53. Looking for a highlander team in asia
  54. ----------------
  55. Looking for team in Asia
  56. Looking for a team in asia
  57. Looking for teams in Asia :c
  58. Anyone? Looking for a team in asia.
  59. Spy/Soldier/Sniper looking for team! (not experienced)
  60. Looking for a team
  61. Demo/Allclass LFT
  62. Team Peanuts is looking for players!!
  63. Clan Recruiting!
  64. Demo looking for HL team (over 700 hours total)
  65. Looking for Asia Team
  66. Scout looking for a team in Highlander
  67. Soldier/Scout Looking for Highlander Team
  68. Looking For A Team.
  69. Looking for top HL team (backup position)
  70. Looking for New Team
  71. Pyro looking for a team
  72. Sniper looking for a team
  73. Counts I'm me not being enough
  74. looking for an Asia Highlander team.
  75. New Player looking for a team
  76. Spy looking for a team. :3
  77. Spy/Engineer main
  78. Looking for team-can play any class
  79. Demo looking for asia hl team
  80. Spy Main Looking For A Team
  81. Soldier looking for a Asia team in Highlander
  82. Pro Sniper looking for a team.
  83. Soldier or scout looking for hl team
  84. Scout looking for a team in highlander
  85. Spy main with no comp experience looking for an Asian HL Team
  86. Spy main looking for team
  87. Solly Main Looking For an HL Team.
  88. Soldier Main Needing A Team!
  89. Sniper Main looking for a HL team in Asia
  90. I Main Medic!! I Need A Team !
  91. I'd like to join a highlander team and FYI I main scout.
  92. Soldier / Engineer Main Looking for Team
  93. looking for a team
  94. Scout and soldier main for highlander
  95. I'm a tf2 player who needs a home.
  96. Looking for a team!
  97. Looking for an active HL Team
  98. Im Looking For A Asia Highlander Team I Can Be A Sub
  99. Looking for an active team
  100. Looking For A Team
  101. Looking for an active Highlander team
  102. Looking for highlander team
  103. Looking for a highlander team!(Scout,Pyro)
  104. Looking for any highlander team
  105. Spy Main looking for a friendly team :)
  106. Looking For team, can play Medic/Scout/Soldier
  107. Soldier main looking for a friendly HL team
  108. Engineer main looking for a team
  109. Just a sniper looking for a team.
  110. Sniper and Soldier Main Looking For A Highlander Team
  111. Texan Engineer main looking for a team
  112. Spy main looking for a team
  113. blaxlistZ:Looking For A Team
  114. Looking for Team [LFT] HL Heavy for s20.
  115. Looking for a team [Medic, scout, soldier]
  116. Looking for a highlander team
  117. I need a team, and guide me to this (I am new to this)
  118. Looking for team.
  119. Heavy Main Lookin Forr teaaaam
  120. Looking for highlander team
  121. Need a Asian Highlander team
  122. Engi main looking for a team
  123. LTF Scout Main 1000 hrs Highlander
  124. Looking for Teams, Main Pyros
  125. LFT S21 as Pyro/Heavy
  126. Scout or Soldier Main
  127. Scout/Spy Main looking for Iron Highlander Team
  128. Demoman Medic and Spy Main looking for a team
  129. LFT Asia
  130. Heavy, Engie and Soldier Main looking for teams!
  131. LFT spy (main / sub) or scout (sub)
  132. Pyro/Engie main looking for a team
  133. Looking for a team.
  134. LFT asia - soldier // merc@ss20// team_fB@season 21. 600 hours solly,2k total
  135. LFT main:spy,engi playtime 1.8k hour previously played for a team
  136. medic main, looking for team, 1058+ hours on tf2
  137. Sniper, Soldier and Scout main (Mostly sniper) looking for Asian Highlander Team
  138. LFT i main heavy
  139. LFT Soldier / Sniper Hl ( 5k Hrs in game on 2 acc )
  140. Mains Scout, Soldier, Or Medic looking for a team
  141. searching for a team currently a pyro and soldier main i got 1k hours on the game
  142. Medic main, very new to competitive.
  143. Spy main (320+ hours) looking for team
  144. I main engie,medic,sniper, very new to competitive.
  145. Looking for a team
  146. Looking for a Team | Soldier,Demo,Scout main over 100+ hours | I got 1,600 hours.
  147. 400-Hour total Scout Main, looking for team. I can also do Medic.
  148. Looking for team, can be medic, scout, soldier, engie or heavy
  149. looking for highlander team in asia
  150. Looking for a Highlander Team!
  151. Looking for a Highlander Team
  152. Looking for a Highlander Team as Heavy
  153. Looking for a highlander team
  154. lft medic
  155. LFT Scout, Very new to comp
  156. Looking a highlander team
  157. Looking for a HL team! New to competitive :)
  158. Looking for a Highlander team,Soldier
  159. Looking for hl team (Spy Main or other class...)
  160. LFHLT ( Scout Main / Demoman )
  161. Looking for HighLanders Team ( Soldier / Scout )
  162. Looking For A Team!
  163. Looking For A Team
  164. LFT HL Pyro (TF2 hours - 847 hrs)
  165. Spy main: Looking for a team
  166. Pyro Main Looking For an HL Team
  167. Looking for a team 1000+ hours (scout main)
  168. 800 hours scout main lft hl
  169. 1.4k Hours Engineer main looking for a Highlander Team
  170. sniper , scout main - looking for highlander team
  171. Sniper main LFT.
  172. Spy Main. Looking For A Highlander Team
  173. Scout main with 500 hrs looking for hl steel team
  174. --Delete--
  175. Looking for a HL or 6s Team
  176. Looking for a highlander team
  177. Looking For HL team (soldier)
  178. Spy main for recruitment.
  179. Scout/Soldier Main here looking for HL Steel team
  180. LFT engineer/medic
  181. Soldier H (or maybe med or demo)
  182. LFT Sniper/Solly/Scout, Please read
  183. Looking for a team
  184. LFT Heavy/Engieneer
  185. I wanna try how it feels to be in a highlander team
  186. Sniper/Scout/Demoman
  187. LFT heavy
  188. LFT all rounder, except scout and spy
  189. Looking for HL team SPY Main
  190. LFT Sniper/Solly/Scout, Please read.
  191. LFT as Demo/Soldier/Engineer
  192. Looking for a Highlander team
  193. Looking For A HighLander Team
  194. Pyro Looking For A Highlander Team
  195. Looking for a Highlander Team(Asia)
  196. LFT as Spy/Demo/Medic
  197. Looking for Teams, I am new to the competitive scene but not to tf2.
  198. Looking for a highlander team
  199. Looking for a team
  200. Spy main looking for a team