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  1. 4v4 Team EU looking for soldier (div 6)
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  3. 4v4 Team looking for a scout
  4. British Team Looking for Demo or Scout main (and ALL SUBS EXCEPT SOLDIER)
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  7. LFP Medic + Subs
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  11. Looking for scout & solly, but happy to switch round roles west EU
  12. Looking for demo and scout for the 4v4 eu team
  13. Looking for a medic/heavy, other roles are welcome too
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  15. I am looking only for med for almost complete 4v4 team
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  17. Looking for a player (Mains do not matter)
  18. New, low steel team looking for players
  19. 4v4 lfp scout
  20. new team looking for mid-good skill players
  21. Makshift TF2 LF demo main
  22. LF subs!
  23. LFP 4s Steel Demo main
  24. lfp demoman and sub.. just add me for further info
  25. A Steel Div team looking for a Demo main!
  26. Looking for subs
  27. Casual 4v4 Silver Team LF Medic
  28. New 4s Team Looking for Subs and a main Medic