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  1. Minus World - LF Subs and Maybe a Main
  2. Fire Ferrets LFP
  3. +Forward Gaming LF Subs
  4. The Haffle Staffers LF 2 Steel Mains
  5. What if More is looking for subs!
  6. 4v4 Team Faot Force 4 DONE RECRUITING
  7. Team: Lost Unit. LF Mains & Subs
  8. Looking for back ups!
  9. Looking for Engi, Medic, and Demo
  10. Looking for a medic and subs for team "Crit Rate"
  11. LF Medic/Main Caller S2
  12. New USA Team - Men With Crew Cuts is LF MED
  13. New USA team looking for Demo and Medic 4s
  14. NA team looking for players, mostly medic.
  15. LF Subs - need scout, soldier demonstration man subs
  16. LF Med and med sub
  17. Eu4ic Kids: LF 2 non serious players as subs
  18. Team: "GamingFilmsUnited" LF 1 Demo Lots Of Subs......
  19. Brand New Pittsburghian Team!
  20. LF Members - Subs and mains needed!
  21. LFP/subs- Medic.scout
  22. Sirens Song is looking for player. Have medic.
  23. Shaka ZuLu 4s is looking for a demo main
  24. 4v4 Steel NA Looking for Backup Demo and Medic
  25. Steel 4v4 team LF subs: Demo, Medic, Scout/pyro
  26. TF2 New Team Season 3
  27. Steel 4v4 LF Pyro/Med/Demo/Scout Backups
  28. LF Main Demo/Off class
  29. Lf : Main demo/medic
  30. LF Main Demo and Medic
  31. LFP for next season
  32. LFP Starting Soldier High Iron
  33. Malicious Citrus Is looking for subs and a demo starter
  34. Found
  35. Iron team LF subs
  36. LFP Medic, Sub Scout, Pyro, Soldier, Medic
  37. LF Steel Backup Demo
  38. Wot m8? Looking for players Steel (Season 3)
  39. LF 2 demos for season 3 steel
  40. Elite 4 : Recruiting now!
  41. Looking for a Demo, Solly, and Medic for Revolution/909 Steel 4s Team
  42. Looking for Solly and Demo starter
  43. Shaka ZuLu is looking for RELIABLE SUBS for scout demo and medic
  44. Lf steel demo
  45. LFP Steel Main Demoman
  46. Lf 4s players
  47. LF Subs for all positions
  48. LF Soldier/Scout/Pyro/Demo 4v4s S4
  49. Lfp demo
  50. LF Main Medic and Subs for classes
  51. LF Medic + subs
  52. Steel 4s. Player wanted.
  53. New 4v4 team looking for a scout
  54. Iron team LF scout/demo and subs
  55. New UGC 4s Team Need Medic
  56. LF Medic
  57. Looking for High Steel subs
  58. Looking for gamer
  59. LF Newer Players Demo/Medic For Iron Next Season
  60. Demo main for the love of god please!!!!!!!
  61. 1st place iron team LF demo/pyro
  62. Unnamed Steel Team needs 2-3 subs.
  63. Operation Toben Bell's magnificent beard 4's team
  64. Noname TF2 4v4 team looking for players
  65. Tf2 steel 4's team looking for med
  66. Lfp!
  67. lfp subs
  68. TF2 4v4 Team Looking for Demo!
  69. Lfp Steel 4's Looking for subs of any class.
  70. LFP Demo and Soldier
  71. CNF needs a med/subs
  72. Looking for new Starters/subs for 4:4 team!
  73. Looking for 4s subs
  74. LF 4s medic
  75. LFP Medic
  76. LFP Medic (again)
  77. LFP Medic
  78. LFP S7 4's - Who Needs A Medic?
  79. LFP Medic Main S7
  80. LFP Med LFS All classes
  81. LFP 1 sub and 2 extras
  82. LFB 4v4 starting new team
  83. LFP subs for all classes
  84. LF Scout Main Semi-Serious
  85. LFP Demo
  86. LFP 2 Subs
  87. LFP Steel
  88. Just a new team with mains needed.
  89. LFP Awesome guys who want to do 4s friday's. Add one of the links :)
  90. LF Demo/Medic/Scout
  91. Looking For Soldier Sub/Main Spot
  92. LF demo, soldier, and scout
  93. LF Demo and subs for all classes
  94. treemonkeys sister is HOT lfp demo and medic
  95. LFP all classes but scout! expierence preferred.
  96. looking for Medic main
  97. LFP Demo
  98. LFP Soldier and Demo
  99. [LFP] anything and everything!
  100. LFT all subs
  101. The Dragon's Guild LFP
  102. LFP solly or demo sub that can play tonight at 9pm est
  103. LFP Demo
  104. lfp everyhting
  105. -
  106. Iron 4v4 NA - Looking for subs
  107. LFP Demo
  108. Thinking about making a team(4v4)
  109. LFP Subs, Medic Main (We Scrim)
  110. (edit) no longer looking for players
  111. LFScout for 4s
  112. LFP Medic Scout
  113. closed
  114. Looking For Scout