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  1. Meow :3 - Roster Spots or Backups, whatever
  2. Dolphin Fans - Looking for cute people
  3. LF Silver 4v4 Medic.
  4. Looking for Fun , Skilled players
  5. Looking for subs for soldier, demoman, and medic
  6. LFP for next season
  7. LF Medic Season 4 Silver
  8. LF Silver/Gold Solly/Med for Silver Team
  9. LF Silver/Gold Solly/Pyro/Off-Class
  10. LFP, no scrims, only matches, just for fun
  11. LF Starting Scout and Sub Med/Solly/Demo
  12. Lf silver 4s demo
  13. -LFP 4s Silver!-
  14. Looking for Sandbagger/Really Good Scout
  15. I made a 4v4 Pug Group (I think its the first one ever to exist) Please check it out!
  16. LF Solly, Demo, Medic subs
  17. LF Low Silver Med
  18. Lfp scout
  19. LF Demo and 4s subs
  20. LFT sub medic silver
  21. LFP Scout main and subs
  22. Looking for subs
  23. LF 4s Demo
  24. New silver team: LFP Scout, Demo Soldier.
  25. Demo Main and Demo Sub
  26. LF 3 chill people to play 4s
  27. Lf demo and subs
  28. LFP - Scout + subs
  29. Lfp - demo or offclass starter