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  1. 6's steel looking for med and backups
  2. Thejimz: lulz Platinum team looking for medic
  3. All Girls 6v6 Team (still) LF Female Demo
  4. New 6s steel team looking for roamer
  5. 6's Steel team LF > Scout Pair
  6. Classic Fishup - Looking for Demo
  7. [FiNAL] 6s Steel Team lf backups
  8. 6v6 Platinum Team Looking for a Demo!
  9. Good scout looking for team
  10. BroTank Clan
  11. nut up or shut up lf roamer
  12. Table Flippers - LF Demo
  13. Plat/ESEA team looking for scouts and a pocket
  14. Need players for 6v6 team
  15. 6s Plat/ESEA team LF Scout :3
  16. New 6s Steel Team Looking for a Scout and a Med
  17. Last Minute Team sign-up
  18. Need Steel Demoman :D
  19. Looking for a Steel Demo
  20. Looking for Steel Division Medic
  21. Steel 6s Team LF Backup Demo
  22. LF Demo and Medic
  23. Need a scout
  24. 6s Steel Team Press 'e' LF solly/demo backup
  25. Silicone Soul LF Backups
  26. Newer Steel team LF Scout and Demo
  27. High Steel looking for good SCOUTS
  28. Steel team looking for medic
  29. 6s looking for demo and scout
  30. Future Steel Team LF Starters
  31. S♥NE steel team LF Backups
  32. Steel LF > Starting Roaming Solly
  33. 6v6 european team looking for solly, medic, demo, scout.
  34. Need a dedicated demo!!!
  35. iTz TRICKY LF Demo/ Scout and Solly Backups
  36. 6s steel team lf scout / medic / backups
  37. steel team needing scouts,demo,med
  38. Lemur² LF - Pocket/Demo/Scout
  39. Rise To The Challenge llok for soldiers,scouts,demo,and med!!
  40. iron team lf subs
  41. Steel/Possible Plat Team LF players
  42. Steel; lf Roamer, Demo, and backups
  43. (6s Steel) Badwolf LF Starters: Next Season
  44. Low Steel team LF Pocket OR Scout
  45. Looking for a Scout.
  46. Plat: need backups ALL CLASSES
  47. UGC 6v6 steel Need Demo
  48. [Platinum]LF experienced pocket
  49. Nation of Men (Steel 6s) - Need Experienced Medic and Backups
  50. pj6 LF Roamer (high steel)
  51. Steel lf Demo, Scout, Backups winter season
  52. [High Steel]eKg lf subs
  53. Steel Team lf Pocket Soldier
  54. 6v6 Steel need Backup Med
  55. 6v6 plat team looking for roamer and medic
  56. FUTURE 6v6 team looking for all classes
  57. 6v6 Team Looking for Players!
  58. Recruiting 5 player's
  59. 6v6 Team Looking For Pocket Soldier
  60. MM..FOOD | | Low/Mid Steel Looking For Players
  61. UGC 6v6 recruiting
  62. Steel 6v6 Team looking for Scout
  63. Future | Low/Mid Steel Looking For Players
  64. LF Players to join BadCo.
  65. Steel 6s LF Solid Pocket
  66. New steel 6s LF scout, roamer
  67. UGC Steel Team Next Season LF Every class
  68. LF> Nex tSeason Starters UGC Steel
  69. 6v6 team recruiting medic pocket roamer
  70. Plat LF > Pocket & Scout
  71. UGC Steel Level Scrim Team
  72. NA 6s Steel team LF Pocket, Roamer and backups
  73. New 6s Team LF Players
  74. Badwolf (Steel) - LF Scout/Backups
  75. Scrim Team looking for DEMOMAN
  76. LF> Starters+Subs !
  77. Plat team lf roamer, demo, and med.
  78. LF Scout for New UGC Plat Team
  79. LF Mid-High Steel Demo
  80. .
  81. New steel team LF scout and backups
  82. steel 6s LF solly/demo backups
  83. Plat team lf backups s11
  84. LF Pocket Soldier for Low-Mid Steel team
  85. LF> Demo, MEd, and Sollys
  87. New team need all low steel
  88. New Steel Team LF backups
  89. 6v6 Looking for newer players
  90. [Plat] Quad Damage LF Pocket
  91. [Steel] NextPlan Gaming LF Demo / Medic
  92. [Steel] LF Demo/Solly/Medic
  93. Lf all classes NA 6s
  94. Bringing old team back alive
  95. Steel team LF demo
  96. >UGC Plat HL, and 6's Team Open<
  97. 6v6 Team looking for Back Ups
  98. Looking for players of everyclass NA
  99. LF> Roamer,Scout, and demo
  100. Steel 6s LF Scout
  101. Looking for Positions & Backups
  102. New team Lf mains and backups ugc steel team.
  103. Lf>Demo+Medic NA
  104. NA looking for MAIN MEDIC
  105. UGC Steel/Possibly CEVO Open LF Scout, Roamer
  106. 6s Team Needs a Scout and a Soldier
  107. Steel Division 6s Team needs a Soldier and a Scout
  108. 6s Steel Division Team needs a demo + subs
  109. Cute from the team (previously victorious secret) LF soldier/demo
  110. LF Med + subs NA
  111. 6s steel division team needs substitutions
  112. New 6s Team LF Pocket, Medic, Demo
  113. [FiNAL] high steel/plat team lf pocket
  114. LF>Subs
  115. Lf> Medic
  116. Looking for players (Low Steel)
  117. {†G} Looking for Players (Steel 6s)
  118. Looking for a medic for steel
  119. New Team looking for players
  120. Newer team 6v6 looking for players
  121. LF Medic - New Team
  122. UGC Steel 6s - Demo and Roamer needed
  123. UGC Steel 6s - Pocket needed
  124. LF Scout Main - Steel
  125. New Teams- LF Scout 1/2, Demo, Roamer solly.
  126. ---
  127. Next Plan Gaming - LF Medic
  128. LF Pocket Soldier NA
  129. Steel Team Looking for Backups
  130. Looking for team. Im from europe.
  131. New Low Steel 6v6 LF players
  132. LF> Pocket
  133. LF Scout and Demoman Low Steel
  134. {NoH} - Europe - LF Pocket Soldier
  135. New Steel team LF Medic
  136. LF> Steel Roamer
  137. LF> Pocket Soldier for Steel
  138. Steel team lf Pocket
  139. Steel Highlander LF Scout
  140. Silver team LF demo
  141. Steel 6v6 Team LF Scout/Medic/Subs
  142. UGC Silver 6s LF Backup Demo and Medic
  143. Steel NA LF Medic
  144. [in²] LF Demo and backups
  145. LF> Demoman Steel 6s
  146. Steel team LF med and roamer
  147. Steel team looking for all classes for backup
  148. Steel Team LF Everything but Soldiers
  149. Steel Team LF > Roamer
  150. High Steel Team LF Backups
  151. 18+ team looking for backups demo / soldier / scout
  152. High Steel/Low Silver (Also CEVO) LF Soldier.
  153. LF Medic Mid-High Steel
  154. Steel Team LF Demoman
  155. Mid/High Plat LF > Pocket
  156. Silver 6s LF backups
  157. LF Steel 6v6 Medic for Scrim/Backup
  158. LF Starter Roamer.
  159. [NA STEEL]Demo/Medic/Scout
  160. steel medic
  161. LF> Roamer Steel 6s
  162. (Shiny) Silver - LF Pocket, Backup Scouts, Demo, and Soliders!
  163. Steel team lf players
  164. STEEL TEAM LF Demo/Medic/Roamer
  165. 50dkp is looking for a medic UGC 6s silver
  166. Mid-High Steel Team LF Roamer
  167. Low Steel 6s team LF medic
  168. New 6s Steel Looking for Backups
  169. Looking to sub can prefer pocket and or medic
  170. [6v6 - Silver] Very Fun looking for backups(starters?)
  171. Silver Team LF Scout Main
  172. New Steel team LF scout
  173. 6's Steel LF> Backups Demo/Roamer/Pocket/Medic
  174. LF Backups for Every Class
  175. NA Steel team, Needs Demo
  176. S12 Team LF> All classes
  177. Team dirty lf Pocket Soldier [Mid-High Silver]
  178. High Steel Team need DEMO
  179. Team disbanded, so now i am lft maybe :3 demo/medic
  180. LF demo and medic backups
  181. Silver Team lf pocket + scout
  182. LF: 2 Scouts and 1 Roamer [Mid-High Silver]
  183. New steel team .evo-[G]
  184. F*ck Those Guys High Steel LF Scout
  185. =[TNT]= Searching for Starting Scout & Soldier
  186. [High Silver] USA Veterans Looking for a Scout
  187. LF Roamer Silver Team .sL
  188. Looking for team!!
  189. Iron HL Team LF Heavy
  190. Lf main scout add me
  191. .
  192. LF Pocket + Demo starters
  193. 6's Steel Looking for Pocket/Medic/Demo
  194. [High Silver] USA Veterans Looking for a Demo and Roamer
  195. (Silver) Shiny LF Scout, Pocket, Roamer
  196. Silver team LF Demo starter
  197. D2DG LF Roamer, Demo, Med for Steel
  198. [High Silver] USA Veterans Looking for a Starting Roamer
  199. Steel Team Looking for Soldier/Demo/Medic Subs!
  200. Steel. Looking for Roaming and Pocket Soldier.