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  1. high steel team looking for med/demo/solly
  2. Lf starter medic
  3. Next Plan 6s Steel NEW ROSTER
  4. High Steel LF demo ringer
  5. 6's looking for scout,sniper,pyro
  6. .evO-[G] looking for some players
  7. Medic lft
  8. New Steel Team LF Backups
  9. Lf commited players
  10. Looking for Heavy + Demoman and Subs
  11. Brand new 6's team[steel]
  12. pinko commie devils LFP!
  13. =[QGF]= looking for a demo sub.(Iron team)
  14. New Mid-High Steel Team S12 Recuriting!
  15. X
  16. New Steel team Looking for Demo
  17. Mid-High Steel(Silver?) Team Recruiting for S12 All Classes
  18. New/Steel team LF Roamer + pocket
  19. Why cant i find a good demo?!?!? :'(
  20. Putting together a team.
  21. New High Steel Team LF Solly/Demo/Scout
  22. Subs needed (Iron Team)
  23. Plat team recruiting
  24. For New Competitive Players - READ
  25. the autistocrats b l00kin 5 u
  26. New steel team! LF Scouts & Roamer (and subs)
  27. New gaming org formed, LF beginner players
  29. .png Steel Looking for Scout
  30. Steel Subs/Regulars
  31. New Steel Team Recruiting: sTg
  32. New 6's Team!(For new players only)::D
  33. Steel team Looking For Main Medic
  34. Casual Steel team looking for medic!
  35. new 6's team looking for backups
  36. >New Steel 6's Team LF Players+Backups<
  37. New Steel Team Needing a Demo
  38. New Steel Team needs backups.
  39. New Steel Team LF Subs!
  40. Need Demo and Scout Mid/High Steel
  41. Looking for some players
  42. No more
  43. Maybe making a team.
  44. Steel/low-silver 6's team looking for backup demo, pocket
  45. Need Backups and Subs (high steel)
  46. 6's Team LF Players& Backups (steel/low silver)
  47. new team LF pocket, scout, and backups
  48. Steel 6s team LFP
  49. Looking for Scout and Demo Steel
  50. New 6's Team LFP roamer
  51. New Steel Team looking for players!
  52. .png LF Steel Scout
  53. Next Plan Gaming - LF Demo
  54. Steel Team LF Roamer
  55. LF demo!
  56. Looking for a Scout and backups for a low Steel 6s team
  57. 2nd season Steel 6s team LF demo.
  58. Mid Steel Looking for Demo/Medic
  59. [FiNAL] Silver/Plat team lf backups
  60. WnR LF 2 Scouts for UGC Steel
  61. silver team LF players
  62. The Car Shoppers LF Players
  63. Looking for a Steel Demo
  64. NEED SUBS STEEL(Backups)
  65. LF Scout and Roamer/ BACKUPS!
  66. New team looking for medic and demo
  67. Young Gunz lf players (UGC-Steel 6's)
  68. Silver - Roamer LF - Radioactive Lampshades
  69. Not Good - LFP - Iron/Steel
  70. Clean Up Crew Steel 6's LF> scout
  71. 5 ½ men Silver Team | LF ROAMER
  72. Lf demo. ugc+esea
  73. Gandhi's Posse | Steel | LF Players
  74. Bigfoot's Looking for a Medic, Pocket, Demo, Scouts x2
  75. Mid+ Steel | Multiple Fragasm | LF Backups
  76. High Steel/Silver Team 6s Looking For Medic
  77. Bazinga! LF Silver Medic & Demo
  78. Maybe making a team.
  79. Open Water Door LF Backups [Silver]
  80. Looking for High+ silver scout!!
  81. 5 ½ Men | LF SILVER POCKET
  82. Remaking a Silver Team Looking for players preferred Silver +!
  83. Looking for demoman
  84. Looking for sollies + med
  85. LF starter Pocket Steel
  86. Blame Ping! LF Players! Silver!
  87. Silver team LF Soldiers and backups!
  88. LF Steel Backup Pocket
  89. LF Silver Scout
  90. High steel team lf scout
  91. Looking For 2 Team Members | Scout + Medic | UGC Iron
  92. Reliable Source lf backups | NA Iron
  93. Smokin' Crocket LF Demo [Steel]
  94. we need a scout and maybe a pocket (high silver)
  95. High Silver 6's LF SCOUT
  96. Silver Team LF Roamer
  97. Medic LFT
  98. New comp med
  99. Blame Ping! LF Players. Low-Mid Silver.
  100. Naked In Front Of Computer LF Starting Demo and Pocket Soldier
  101. DYZ LF Starting Medic (steel-silver)
  102. New Iron team looking for demo + roamer
  103. High steel LF demo and roamer
  104. High+ Silver team Looking for a *good* Demoman.
  105. PanDemic | UGC 6v6 Iron | NA | Looking for Scout | Looking for Subs
  106. Team no name | silver | na | lf backups
  107. The Art of Warfare LF Backups Iron Div.
  108. Iron 6v6 Team LF Backups!
  109. Line lft iron/steel pocket soldier
  110. Position filled, ignore
  111. PanDemic | UGC 6v6 Iron | NA | DEMOMAN or SCOUT Subs |
  112. steel team needs a demo
  113. Silver 6s Team LF Backups(Iron-Steel)
  114. LF High Steel Medic
  115. nikumaru - steel - lf demo, backups
  116. Lf steel medic
  117. Woop Woop- High Steel- LF Backups
  118. LF Steel Scout
  119. LF Players to Fill New Team Quickly [Iron][More Info in Thread]
  120. Shadow Box Iron Looking for players
  121. Silver team lf long term demo sub
  122. Silver Team LF Demo
  123. Ignore - Demo found.
  124. The cs kids need a demo
  125. High Caliber | Iron | Looking for Scout and Backups
  126. Steel 6v6 Team OhBooHoo Looking For Subs.
  127. NA Iron team looking for scouts and subs for every position
  128. High steel looking for a demo
  129. position filled, thanks!
  130. CS KIDS LF pocket&scout backups
  131. Silver LF>Starter Medic
  132. Mid-High Steel LF Demo
  133. Scrim team LF (DONE)
  134. CS KIDS LF Backups (Still)
  135. I'm a really good scout!
  136. LF Pocket sub for a steel 6s team
  137. Renegades | mid-high Steel | LF main Scout
  138. Silver Team LF starting scout
  139. [IRON] Weeaboo medicin looking for Roamer and subs
  140. High Steel Team LF Medic, Scout and Backups
  141. Synchronize Gaming High Steel/Silver Looking for Main Scouts, Pocket and sub Medic
  142. Team Void looking for for players
  143. Iron 6s team LF All subs and Main scout.
  144. Can play any class! Just put me in coach! (Scout)
  145. Nova - High Iron Team LFP S13
  146. [NA HIGH SILVER] Looking for an experienced demoman
  147. Silver team looking for starters and backups
  148. Steel Team Going Silver S13 LF Players
  149. Plat 6's team looking for a scout!
  150. Looking For Low Steel - High Iron Pocket
  151. Iron Season 13 Team LF Players
  152. [Steel] Renegades" LF Mid-high Main scout"
  153. We're looking for a demoman in the iron division.
  154. (CLOSED){Iron} Team G2 LF Main Scout
  155. New Iron 6's team LF Pocket solly and Scout
  156. Steel Team, Sinful Six looking for Scouts, Soldiers, Demo and Medic.
  157. [Steel] Smokin' Crockets LF High-Steel Pocket & Roamer
  158. Mid Silver team looking for medic
  159. Iron Team LF Scout Backups
  160. Steel 6s team LF mid-high DEMO
  161. LFP 6's Scout / Demoman
  162. Redemption Legacy Looking for 6s Players
  163. Makeshift looking for HIGH steel - low silver demo and scouts
  164. Яogue Runners Looking for backups! (UGC Iron)
  165. High Caliber LF Demo&Pocket (Steel)
  166. Unusual Party Hats Looking for Medic
  167. Iron Season 13 Team LF Players
  168. Looking for a Pocket/Medic/Roamer
  169. LF Iron Med
  170. Looking for decent demo for YouTrippin! (Iron)
  171. No longer looking for players
  172. Synchronize Gaming LF Demoman starter/blackup and backup medic
  173. LF Backup Scout (and possibly Roamer)
  174. Iron LF Demo and Pocket + Backups
  175. New Iron Team Looking for Players!!!
  176. New Team lf Steel-Plat Players
  177. (BACK UPS needed!)
  178. New Team: Team Crockets. LF 6s Iron Backups
  179. Iron Team in need of Backups!
  180. Iron LF med, demo and all-class backups
  181. Recruiting a pocket soldier and a demo looking for backups In all classes
  182. Iron LF starter scout and backups for scout and soldier.
  183. Iron/Steel LF Scout and Med
  184. Kitty Tumors LFP Starter Medic
  185. Iron Season 13 Team Looking For Subs!!!
  186. Booty Time (steel) LFT Roamer and Demo
  187. New Steel Blue team DaBeasts in need of heavy, medic, demomen, and engineers.
  188. Very Casual Iron Team Looking For Players!
  189. 6's iron team looking for starting med, and backups
  190. Iron 6's LF Backups
  191. Iron team looking for a Scout/backup
  192. LF back up Demoman, and medic Iron
  193. (Steel Blue) Rising Up! is looking for subs.
  195. Six Handsome Ducklings (Silver) Looking for starter Medic and Scout!
  196. Im.a.ge: Looking for Starting Pocket!
  197. Low Iron Team Looking for Multi Class Back-ups
  198. Soldier/Medic/Scout
  199. HEY LADIES Kaos Krew is looking for a starting pocket
  200. disregard